Sunday, May 20, 2012

Shayz Scentz - Tarts

Shayz Scentz is another tart shop that I found from watching YouTube haul videos.  When I was searching online for coffee scented tarts recently, I decided to go ahead and try a few new shops.  And this was one of them.

There are several style options available in the tarts section of the website, and there are some things I found a bit confusing.  There is a Sunny Samplers option, but the way the description is worded led me to believe this was for new scents only.  Now, after watching more videos, I'm thinking you can indeed order single tarts for fifty cents each.  Wish I would have realized that when I placed my order.  Doh!  In the end I went with the Shayz Sunny Tarts 6-packs, which sell for $3.00.  The individual tarts in these packs weigh .7 oz each, which is very close to the amount I melt when I do two cubes of Walmart tarts.  So this will be handy, just pop one in the warmer . . . no mess, no fuss. 

Cappuccino Mocha is described simply as 'just like a fresh hot cup of cafe mocha.'  This is a really nice scent, not strong on the coffee notes but enough to know that it IS coffee related, and then something sweet.  If I didn't know it was mocha I don't think I'd ever recognize the other notes as chocolate but after repeated sniffings yes, it does kinda smell like candy bars.

Cappuccino Brulee is described as 'vanilla beans, coffee beans, cocoa beans, blended together.'  This one smells a lot more coffee-y than the mocha one did.  And there is that sweetness again, but more vanilla than cocoa.

Caramel Coffee is described as 'freshly brewed coffee with creamy caramel and hints of vanilla.'  This one has a strong coffee note too, and then the sweetness coming in after it.  Similar to the others but this time the sweetness is a little deeper and warmer, if that makes any sense.

Creme Brulee is described as 'a rich, creamy, French coffee blend.'  I don't get a lot of coffee in this scent but O.M.G. it is to die for anyway.  Ohhhh, the warm gooey sweetness of caramel and vanilla . . . *drools like Homer Simpson*  This is definitely the highlight of my order!

I also received three free full sized tarts . . .

Zucchini Bread mixed scents are all the rage among the tart lovers community lately, and one of my samples is plain ol' Zucchini Bread.  Described as 'bread notes with freshly grated zucchini, cinnamon, and spices,' this one is quite yummy on its own.  I don't even know what a zucchini smells like but in this I do get the bread notes and the spice notes and something sort of sweet that must be, yeah, zucchini.  Interesting, and something I'd probably prefer to melt in the fall or on colder days when you want something comforting.

Another popular trend in tarts right now is to mix the Pink Sugar scent with anything and everything.  Another of the free samples I got is this Pink Toastie Marshmallow.  It is a Shayz Scentz custom blend of Pink Sugar (cotton candy, musk, jasmine) and marshmallow.  In my limited experience with marshmallow scented tarts, they have always been light on scent.  This one is the same, because I'm getting a lot more of the Pink Sugar notes.  That's fine though, because I love that scent.

I heard someone on YouTube say one of the tart shops had a lot of Vanilla Bean Noel mixes, and I think it might have been this one because this last free sample is called Pumpkin Beans.  I can't find it listed on the website so I don't know if it's new or discontinued.  Vanilla Bean Noel is 'buttery vanilla and musk' according to the Bath & Body Works website, and we all know what pumpkin smells like, don't we?  This one is heavy on the pumpkin, with some warm spices, and then that sweetness that I kept smelling in the coffee scents so I'm guessing that's the vanilla coming through.  This is very nice and I will hold onto it until fall.

So, a lot of these are similar because I was on the hunt for coffee scents.  I like these 6-packs, how they are stackable, and presented in a clean and elegant way with just a label and ribbon.  These would be perfect for gift giving.  There are tons of scents to choose from on the website, and there are several other products too, like candles, oils, air fresheners, and even a few bath and body products.  I can easily see myself ordering from here again, although I'd probably use the single tarts option for trying new scents.

Have YOU tried Shayz Scentz yet?  What scents do you think I should try next??


  1. The tart collector I was talking to you about has a lot of Zucchini Bread scents too. I'm curious how it got such a big following, maybe the real thing is really popular is another part of the country?

  2. I've been curious too. It seems like such an odd choice. I had a Butterscotch Zucchini Bread tart from another vendor a while ago and it didn't thrill me.

    Definitely a curious little trend.


  3. The Zucchini bread ones that I have tried did not thrill me. They smelled great before they were melted, but when melted did not have much of a throw.

  4. I melted a Banana Zucchini Bread from another vendor yesterday (it was a freebie) and it seemed to fade out fast. I still don't understand the zucchini thrill. It smelled like banana bread to me. lol