Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Soy-n-Suds Tarts

I first ordered from Soy-n-Suds way back at the end of 2009, one of the first shops I'd ordered from when I was discovering the wonderful world of Etsy.  I'd ordered tarts back then and she'd thrown in so many extra samples, including some soap, and I'd always meant to order more . . . but got caught up in trying everything from everyone else.  And it's a Wisconsin shop.  So why did it take me so long to get back to this one??

A longtime friend and coworker of mine has recently discovered the joys of wax tarts, and had laughed that she'd love to have a black licorice scent.  I told her I could probably find some for her.  She just laughed and shook her head.  I'm pretty sure she just does not realize how many tart options are out there for her besides Scentsy and Walmart.  So when I did a bit of searching to see who had black licorice scent, I was amazed that not many shops popped up.  One of the few that did was good ol' Soy-n-Suds.  And since that friend's birthday is coming up, well, guess what she's getting.  Hehe!

Soy-n-Suds uses soy wax and adds no colors or frills.  The typical clam shell packaging is filled to the brim for a full three ounces, and it sells for $3.25 in the Etsy shop.

Since this one is a gift, I won't be able to say how the warm throw is but the cold scent is about medium strength.  It is a very nice, easily recognizable black licorice scent.  I'm sure she'll laugh when she gets this.

I also received two free smaller sample tarts.  This one is Eucalyptus scent.  I'll probably include this with my friend's gift because I'm not wild about it.  I was expecting more of a Vicks rub type scent but I guess Eucalyptus without mint or menthol is something I'm unfamiliar with.  There is an oddly sweet note to this, almost a sort of a barely there minty undertone.  I don't know, just not what I'd have thought from the name.

The other one was broken but who cares . . . it just melts down anyway, and it was free.  It is Buttercream Crunch scent and is very yummy!  These sample tarts are small, only .3 oz, which is much less that the amount I normally melt.  Even so, I can smell this one throughout the room my desk is in, and it's quite nice!  It is a sweet vanilla scent, like frosting.  I would consider buying a full sized pack of this one.

Soy-n-Suds also has jar candles, tea light candles, shaped tarts, and some fragrance oils.  They have split their shop up now and the 'Suds' part has it's own shop called Natural Body Boutique.  There you will find soaps, lotions, lip balms, body fragrances, and more.  Hopefully it doesn't take me so long again to place another order with either of these shops!

Have YOU tried Soy-n-Suds?


  1. Really wish we could get these in the UK!

  2. She will ship internationally. She's in her Etsy info to contact her for a international shipping quotes. You should get some! :)


  3. Deb,

    I did a search for Soy-N-Suds to see what people were saying about me. Thank you for the nice comments and write up on my products.

    Right now I have a "Spring Fling Sale" running on tarts, jar candles, and colored tea lights. In addition to the sale prices you can use one of two coupon codes. Pick your savings!

    FREESHIP = free shipping on orders $50 or more

    REPEAT15 = 15% off entire order (any size)

    Thanks again,
    ~ Roxane
    ~ Owner ~ Soy-N-Suds

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting my blog. And thanks for letting us know about the sale! I'm not supposed to be buying anything right now but I'll have to browse your shop anyway. :)