Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas In July - HUGE Giveaway! [CLOSED]

Back at the beginning of the year I'd had such big plans for this blog.  One of the things I'd been excited about was doing a small giveaway each month.  I'd thought that by changing up the prize category each month it would be more fun, more interesting, maybe draw in a few more people.  Sadly, no . . . interest seemed to fade more each month, to the point I'd decided to just quite doing giveaways.

Recently though, more and more people that I 'follow' have shown new interest in nail polish, and that got me thinking about a large prize package I've been holding onto, one that I wasn't sure what to do with anymore.  But now I think I"m just going to go for it . . .

Yes, that's a bunch of Julep products you see!  Back when I'd been trying Birchbox and Eco-Emi and looking for other monthly subscription boxes, I kept hearing about Julep Maven.  This one wasn't really a beauty subscription in the way of makeup and skin care and whatnot.  This one was dedicated to manicures and pedicures.  You get something like two nail polishes plus some other mani or pedi product every month.  I thought 'Hmm, well maybe if I had these fun things coming to me I'd be more inspired to really try using them.'  And since the first box only costs one penny . . . yes, ONE CENT . . . I figured it wouldn't hurt to try at least that first box.  Shortly after getting that one, there was an offer on a special St. Patrick's Day box where you paid $19.99 and your mystery box could be worth anywhere from something like $20 to over $100, or something like that.  I figured I'd go for it.  (My box was just a common, lower end range one. Bummer.)

And surprise, surprise!  I still couldn't get into wearing nail polish.  I have NOT used any of these products, by the way.  I put them off to the side and tried to force the new habit by using the few drugstore cheapies I already had.  When it became apparent that painting nails was just not for me, I wasn't too worried because I knew I had a really nice prize package now.  And it's all just been sitting since then.

But not anymore!

The lucky winner will receive everything you see in the picture above.  I'll even give you a closer look . . .

There are five bottles of polish, and one bottle of basecoat.  From left to right, they are:
  • Rachel - 'Warm rich copper shimmer.'
  • Charlotte - 'Demure lavender creme'
  • Sofia - 'Sheer spring green with a flash of aqua iridescent glitter.'
  • basecoat
  • Brooke - 'Sheer shimmery purple.'
  • Jennifer - ' Beautiful, sheer creme polish with just a hint of pink.'  

There is a full size tube of Julep glycolic hand scrub, as well as a travel size duo of the glycolic hand scrub and age defying hand brightener.

And there is a crystal nail file, and an emery board.

Bought separately from the Julep website, these items total over $144!  That's a pretty nice little prize for some lucky nail polish enthusiast out there!

I'm going to leave this contest open a bit longer than my usual giveaways, and I need to limit it to the US only because of shipping costs . . . but entering will still be just as easy as always.  Simply leave a comment below telling me one tip for great looking nails.

This giveaway will be open until the morning of Friday, July 27.  I will use to select one winner from all of the eligible comments.  Please be sure I have a way to contact you if you are chosen the winner! 



  1. Wow this looks like a great giveaway! I've never tried Julep but have been bitten by the nail polish bug lately and was thinking about trying some of these. I'd like to enter :)

  2. One of my tips for nice nails is to always keep cuticle oil on. Just a few short months ago I was still an avid biter (hides head in shame) but having them moisturized helped a lot! Now they are longer and nice!

  3. one big tip that most people don't realize the importance of... is letting your nails DRY for at least an hour!!! :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  4. Keeping them filed is really important to me. A slightly uneven surface is much easier to tear than an even one. ilovepool28 at gmail dot com

  5. I have to use hand lotion nightly or I get horrible hang nails.

    WOW, You were right, great give-away! Those colors are so pretty, crossing my fingers and toes

  6. I think a healthy diet is an important component to healthy nails. I've started eating healthier and more nutritionally sound meals and my nails have gotten so much stronger.

    Thanks for having the giveaway!

    --The Lip Balm Wrangler

  7. i heard biotin is really good for nails and hairs, so i take it daily
    great giveaway

  8. Holy cow, what a valuable package!

    (That's what she said.)

    But seriously, very awesome!

    I'm not entering because my attempt at getting into nail polish fizzled out too.

  9. Wow great prize! My daughter and I love playing with nail polish. My only tip is try not to bite them...trying to break my daughter's bad habit by keeping her nails painted.

  10. oops i didnt even look at the year haha

    1. Hehe, no worries. Fun to know people are still finding my blog. :)