Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cozy Moments - Tarts

I've looked at the Cozy Moments shop on Etsy many times before, but always as a bath and body shop.  Imagine my surprise when browsing online for tart shops led me back to this one?!  I don't think I ever noticed she had tarts, or maybe they're just new since the last time I looked.  *shrugs*  I'm not quite sure what made me decide to order since I don't prefer tarts that come in cups, and because I can find cheaper tarts of the same type . . . but hey, she offers single tarts, which I've been looking for, so I went for it and placed a tiny order.

Warm Maple Syrup - 'The lip-smacking sweet smell of rich maple syrup with hints of rum and vanilla.'  There is not an overwhelming scent selection but then again, this is not primarily a tart shop.  There are enough to have fun trying to choose though, and almost all of them sound like scents I'd like to try.  Of course I started out with one of my favorite scents . . . maple.  Mmmmm!  And yep, this one is a yummy maple syrup scent, not too overly sugar-sweet.  Very nice!

Maple Sugared Snickerdoodle Cupcakes - 'The scrumptious aroma of fresh from the oven snickerdoodle cupcakes frosted with a creamy sweet vanilla and rich maple icing then sprinkled with cinnamon sugar crystals.'  This one sounded all around super yummalicious, so of course I had to get it.  I mainly get cupcake from this scent.  There is a slight maple-vanilla sweetness, and the faintest hint of spice, but from the cold throw I think it is just nice, mellow bakery scent.

Frosted Pumpkin - 'A warm, delicious recipe of pumpkin, spices, honey and maple topped with sugary vanilla frosting.'  I've been avoiding fall scents until we're closer to the end of summer, but for whatever reason I went and ordered this one.  This is sort of a bright, sweet pumpkin scent.  It's not like the warmer, cozier types I'm familiar with, like Pumpkin Spice.  I still like this though because I'm such a sucker for all things fall.

Sugar Corn Pudding - I don't see this one listed in the shop, but I received it as a freebie and was very excited about that.  It's a softly sweet bakery scent.  Knowing that it's corn pudding, I do get a bit of a corn note, but it's warm, like a cornbread or something.  It kinda reminds me of Mom busy in the kitchen on Thanksgiving morning.  I like it.

These are 2 oz. tarts and sell for $2.75 in the Cozy Moments shop.  They are not super strongly scented but I think I can still get away with melting only a half at a time to get a strong enough throw.  Shipping was really quick . . . ordered Thursday night, and received it in Monday morning's mail.  And that extra tart was a greatly appreciated treat.  Thank you!

Are YOU familiar with Cozy Moments, whether it be tarts or bath and body?  I've looked at the lotions and things so many times I might have to finally give in and try some!

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  1. Mmmmmm, the Maple scents sound really good. I've been debating trying a corn pudding scent. I may try it for fall. Hmmmmm, how many times are you going to say you aren't gonna do Fall scents now. I'll bet if I came to your house right this minute it would smell like October. Hahahahaha

  2. LOL! I have to keep telling my self I'm not doing fall scents so that way I might be able to resist for another day or two! I do have some here already, leftovers or random extras acquired along the way, but they tucked way in the back of my little tart cupboard.

    You SHOULD try a corn pudding scent. And have you considered a maple scent or two??? LOL


  3. Now I'm hungry. :D

    The last three sound very lurvely. I'd love to sniff the Mom-in-kitchen-on-Turkey-Day-morning one.

  4. I don't plan on melting it until fall, so you might have a chance if you're in the neighborhood before then. hehe


  5. Yay sniffing :D I intend to be.

  6. I'll have way more to shove in your face by then too. Hehe!