Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Goat Milk Stuff Mini-Haul

It's been a long time since I've ordered from Goat Milk Stuff.  They were my introduction to the amazing world of handcrafted soaps, and they have remained my sentimental favorite because of it.  I strayed away from them when I started discovering just how many other small vendors are out there.  I also strayed away because for a while their prices (both products and shipping) were high, but they finally changed their shipping policies a bit and now most other vendors have raised their prices, so really Goat Milk Stuff fits right back in.  But then there is the fact that they use tallow, which had me shying away for a while after I'd realized just what 'natural fats' meant.  Like urea, which is fine and common, tallow also kinda makes me go 'Eeuuw.'  But whatever, I'm starting to come back around to 'If I like it, I'll use it and stop worrying so much about it.'

Having said that, it wasn't even the soap that made place this order.  LOL

Goat Milk Stuff is good about sending 'We Miss You!' offers in email if you haven't ordered for a long time.  I had gotten one last week for 20% off my order, and since I'd been thinking about ordering more of their lip balms, I decided this was a good time get them.  While browsing the site, I decided to go ahead and get a bar of soap even though I certainly don't need it.  I saw they have 'travel bars' now, so I got one of those just to see how big they are.  And then you are always allowed to pick three samples with your order.

So let's see what I got in my little mini-haul . . .

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey - Ah yes, the soap that started it all for me.  There is something slightly different about their Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent than others I have had.  Maybe it's that tallow?  Maybe it just triggers sooooo many memories and feelings of how exciting it was back then to discover handmade soap and Etsy and all the crazy days that followed.  It's the same sweet, homey scent but there is a sort of soapy or perfumey note to it that makes it GMS unique.  Love it!

These are big, chunky bars.  My sister referred to them as bricks at one point.  The full bars are 5+ oz., come in a cute muslin bag, and sell for $6.00 on the website.  They also have half bars for $3.70/bagged or $3.20/no bag.

Harvest - 'Bright and spicy, this orange highlighted soap is scented exclusively with essential oils. Hints of clove and anise combine with splashes of citrus to create a cornucopia to remind you of Autumn all year round.'  This is one of their 'travel bars.'  I was curious about just how big they really were, and I was also curious about this scent.  Since it's a fall scent, I wanted it, but I didn't want a full bar of it because I know all my other favorite vendors will be rolling out their fall scents soon.

First, this is smaller than I expected but I don't know why I expected more.  It says on the site that these are about 1/6 of a regular bar, so yeah, common sense should tell me to imagine the full bar sliced into six little pieces.  LOL  But anyway, this one weighs .7 oz and they come unlabelled.  They sell for $1.50.

It is a very light scent.  I'm barely getting anything when I sniff it, and even scratching into it doesn't bring out much more scent.  It doesn't remind me of fall at all, but again I just can't really smell anything to be able to tell what it's like.  Guess we'll have to wait until it's used.  Glad I didn't get a full bar, and I won't get this size again.

The three samples I chose are (left to right) . . .
Cranberry Spice - 'This is a great scent that is light on the cranberry and heavy on the spice. There is cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves in a red tinted bar. If you sniff very carefully, you may also be able to detect a hint of orange peel.'  I've had this scent before in a full size bar and loved it.  Although they offer it year-round, it's definitely a fall scent to me.  I just wanted a little sniffer piece to remind of fall during out current apocalyptic heatwave.
Ginger Lime - 'It's cool, it's tangy, it's calling your nose for another sniff. You can't resist so you bring it to your nose and... zing! It's as wonderful as you thought it was. Ginger lime is a favorite with noses everywhere.'   I've had this in a full bar too, but gave it to my sister.  It always sounds so interesting though, and I wanted to have this little sniffer piece to remind myself just what it smells like.  Might have to get another full one of this.
Pomegranate Lemonade - There is no scent description for this one and since it's one of their newer soaps I just wanted to get an idea of what it's like.  It's lightly scented, and sort of candy sweet.

And the whole reason I ordered . . . lip balms.  I had tried one quite some time ago and absolutely loved it, but that was back when their shipping was so high and I was not about to pay a ton of shipping for just some tubes of lip balm if I wasn't also ordering soap.  Lately though, I've been so frustrated by just about every balm I've tried that I'd been thinking more and more that I just need to go back and order more of these.  And then -ding!- that email with the discount code showed up.  Woot!  At first I was going to order a bunch of them, really stock up.  Then I thought 'No, wait.  What if they're not as good as I remember?'  So I held myself back and only got two for now.  One is Vanilla, and the other is Black Cherry.  Right now they are very soft because of our heatwave, so they want to spread on a bit mooshier than usual, but they're still awesome.  It's a light consistency but good coverage.  You don't have to mash your lips while trying to run layer upon layer of hard wax on them.  You also don't feel like you've just gobbed Vaseline all over your lips.  They're not overly scented either.  I have the Black Cherry one at the moment and while I can lightly smell it if I pay attention to it, in general I don't notice it.  Very nice.  And at $3.00 a tube, these are very comparable to even brands like Burt's Bees (my second fave at the moment).

Goat Milk Stuff is a family business based in Indiana.  They have eight children, and each of them had a job within the business . . . even the littlest girls had simple jobs like putting the soaps in the bags when they were just toddlers.  Some of the kids even have their own product projects.  I think oldest daughter Brett is the one who started and continues to make/oversee the lip balms.

There are several products available on the website.  Goat milk soap is the main part of their business (yes, they have their own goats) but they also have liquid soaps, laundry soaps, solid lotions, handmade washcloths, air fresheners, candles and more.  They have been on the Today show and in Oprah's magazine, as well as countless other interviews and articles.  While still a family, homemade business, they are not you're typical mix-a-batch-in-the-kitchen Etsy shop anymore. 

Have you tried Goat Milk Stuff yet?


  1. Cool, glad you got more lip balms you like. Did you ever find the Bodycology ones? I've kept an eye out but never saw any.

    I liked the Ginger Lime bar. Thank you!

  2. Nope, never found the Bodycology ones. I still look once in a while but I've kinda given up. The GMS and Burt's Bees balms are my favorites these days. I'll buy more GMS when a good sale comes along, and I'll fall back on Burt's Bees for the convenience of getting it while I'm out shopping.