Sunday, July 8, 2012

Petals Bath Boutique - July Haul

I placed a small order from Petals Bath Boutique recently because soapmaker Kia had run a month long contest on YouTube, asking for viewer suggestions, and I wanted to get some of these possibly limited edition soaps.  I'd wanted to buy many more of the contest items, but I controlled that urge.  Hehe!

I'd submitted two suggestions/contest entries and this was the one she decided to make.  You might remember in my previous order I'd fallen in love with the Honey Mint Vanilla scent of that sugar scrub I'd bought.  For the contest I suggested she make soap and each of her other products in that scent.  This is the soap she came up with.  The sugar scrub version was a very pretty pastel greenish-yellow, so I'd automatically envisioned a similar soap . . . pastel colors, maybe yellow and green and white.  I'd forgotten that the vanilla content in the fragrance oils would turn the soap brown though.  Kia wanted a design to avoid that so she did bolder green and black swirls.  This is a cool looking bar, but reminds me of mint chocolate, and just doesn't seem to match the soft sweetness of the name or the pastel of the scrub. 

Oh well!  The scent is still divine!  I think she said she tweaked it a bit for the soap but it still smells amazing to me.  Described as 'Crisp and invigorating Peppermint tempered with sweet notes of golden Honey and creamy Vanilla,' this is a sweet mint scent.  I think this soap is a little stronger and sharper on the mint than the scrub was, but it's still softened nicely by the vanilla and honey.  It reminds me of the popular Jack Frost scent, but then, anything vanilla-mint reminds me of Jack Frost.  lol

So even though this was my contest entry and I was excited to buy it, this is NOT what had me most excited to order.  Ohhh no no noooo . . .

Snow White and the Huntsman!  Look at those!  How freakin' cool is that?!  A mom had entered a suggestion for a Snow White soap, and her daughter suggested a Huntsman soap.  So Kia did one for each.  I'm anxious to see this movie and have been wanting to buy the book every time I'm at Walmart, so this was just right up my dorky alley of geekiness.

Snow White is described as 'Fluffy Almond Icing "poisoned" with subtle hints of Red Apples and Oak'  I think the base of the scent is a dupe for Lush's Snowcake, and she added to it to come up with something Snow White-y.  I don't really smell apple in it at the moment but maybe that's in the chunks on top, and maybe the scent will bloom in the shower.  I do get a nice sort of softly sweet wood scent.  The bar itself is so gorgeous though . . . white for snow, obviously, and red swirl for blood.  The chunks on top might be to symbolize the poisoned apple, or just apple and darkness.  I don't know for sure, but I love themed soaps like this!

And the partner soap, Huntsman.  While the *look* of the Snow White bar is gorgeous, the *scent* of this one is amazing!  Described as 'A dark and haunting blend of spicy apples with rustic woodsy notes of sandalwood, oak and cedarwood,' this is an awesome autumn scent.  I don't know if she custom blended this one, and I don't think it was intended as a fall scent but with it sitting here on the desk while I write, that's all I can think of . . . fall, fall, fall.  You definitely get the apple notes in this one, and some spice, and it quickly blends with the wood notes.  Awesome, almost manly scent.  My menfolk sure did like it when I was showing them.  The white again symbolizes the snow, the dark greenish-gray is the woods, and the red chunks are the apple.  Love it! 

It looks like both of these are sold out already.  I don't know if she'll make them again or if it was a one-time thing just for the contest.  That's a bummer, but I hope she does more themed things like this in the future.  Maybe I can get her to do a Hobbit soap, since that movie is FINALLY coming out later this year.  Woot!

As always, there were generous samples with my order.  This is her Oats N Honey soap.  This is not like the popular, sweet Oatmeal, Milk & Honey scent that I am so in love with.  Kia's is a warmer, less sweet, more bakery type scent.  It reminds me of her Cluricaun soap.

Tiggy's Pirates is a soap that used to be made my FuturePrimitive's master soapmaker Tiggy, but it gave her headaches to make it and she passed the formula and the secrets to Kia because it was Kia's favorite.  Described as 'Gusts of Oceanic winds billowing across High Seas. Dark Cedarwood, Sandalwood & rare Musk smuggled amongst Marram grass fresh from the dunes,' it is not a type of scent I would go for, and it's hard to describe.

Finally, probably her most famous soap, this is the ever popular Cider Barrel.  Described as 'A delicious plethora of juicy Apples simmered to perfection with spicy notes of Cinnamon, Cloves and Brown Sugar,' this is another fabulous fall scent.  I've had samples of this one before but have yet to buy a full bar.  This is a custom blend scent that Kia has come up with and tweaked over the years.  I think she said this year's version is back to what her original was because that had been her favorite.  It's not overwhelmingly apple, like you might expect, and it's not a really 'sharp' spiciness.  I think that brown sugar is really toning it down and blending it all together nicely.  Always fun to get a piece of this one!

Petals Bath Boutique is going through some changes right now.  She has opened her own website and will be trying to phase away from Etsy.  She will eventually have most of her products available on her website, and only a few listed in the Etsy shop, just enough for people browsing Etsy to still find her.  As I write this post though, it looks like Etsy is still the main source, so I will link to both . . .

Petals Bath Boutique on . . . ETSY
Petals Bath Boutique on . . . WEBSITE

If you haven't tried Petals Bath Boutique yet, what on earth are you waiting for??  There are several other products besides handcrafted soaps.  There are also bath bombs, bubble bars, lotions, scrubs, and perfume oils.  Shipping is fast, customer service is fabulous, and the products are amazing. 

Let me know what you bought!  :)


  1. Honey Mint Vanilla sounds *awesome.*

    The Snow White & Huntsman ones are really cool!

    I think I'm going to end up ordering from her sometime down the road.

  2. I want to try her lotion next time. I'm kinda even curious about the bath bombs and bubble bars, even though I almost never sit and lounge in the tub.

    We didn't see the movie (Snow White) in the theater, so I'm anxiously awaiting it's arrival on dvd. And Hunger Games is coming to DirecTV pay-per-view in mid-August so I guess the dvd of that will be out around then too. Can't wait to see that one again!


  3. Looking forward to renting Snow White & the Huntsman. I'm uninterested in the Hunger Games in that "If I end up seeing it, fine; if not, fine" in that stupid contrarian way--I'm sure I just don't care because everyone else likes it.

  4. I didn't think I'd like it, kinda just gave in and read it to see what the fuss was about. I was shocked how much it grabbed me and held me and how I felt it in my gut. The other two books in the series did nothing for me. The movie is more tame, makes The Games seem a lot quicker and easier, but the feeling was still there for me. Loved it!