Saturday, August 25, 2012

Comforts of Home - Tarts

The third of four shops I discovered while boredom-browsing Etsy about a week ago is Comforts of Home.  It was the price that drew me in again, but I was also curious because this shop uses palm wax for their tarts.  I've been seeing people talk about it on YouTube and they all comment on the crystallized look of it.  Like the other shops I discovered that day, I messaged the owner to ask if she would be adding fall scents.  She said they would be added after September 1, so I decided to go ahead with a small order just to see how the tarts are, and to decide if I would go back and order more later.

Caramel Kissed Latte - 'Decadent heavy cream topped with freshly brewed cappuccino and sweetened with sugary caramel.'  There is not a huge selection available in the shop, but I did see several scents that I wouldn't mind trying.  When I saw this one, I knew I'd be starting here.  I love caramel scents.  I love coffee scents.  I figured I can't go wrong!  This is really lightly scented right now.  I don't know if it's a trait of the wax or what. Hopefully it's stronger when melted.  From the little bit I can smell, I don't get any coffee notes.  I do get a sort of warm, gooey sweetness that must be the caramel, but not much else.  I will post more about this on the Facebook page after I've had a chance to melt it.

Totally Twisted Pound Cake - 'Warm cake, sweet almond, zesty lemon, a splash of lime, vanilla, and sugar. A customer favorite!!!'  This one is nice.  I mainly get the cake note, plenty of vanilla, and then the lemon is mixed in there.  I don't really detect the lime or almond specifically, but there is indeed more to this scent than just an ordinary lemon poundcake type.  Can't wait to melt this one.

Monkey Puddin' - 'Meringue topped banana pudding atop vanilla wafers! YUM!!!'  I received this free tart with my order.  (Thank you!!!)  This one is also rather lightly scented at the moment.  I think I'm mainly getting the vanilla cookie notes right now, with just a hint of the banana.  Again, hope this one comes alive more when warm.

So how cool does that palm wax look?  It really does look crystallized!  And it feels so . . . different.  A lot of times tarts have a sort of soft, oily feel from all the fragrance oils packed into them.  These feel absolutely dry, and kind of light.  I've read that they are much easier to remove from the warmer, and I believe it just from feeling them unmelted.  I also like the presentation of these particular tarts.  They have such a clean look about them, being wrapped in paper (as you see in the top photo) and then inside the little zip bags that remain so spotless.  I was surprised and impressed to find these paper wrappers are simply cupcake papers!  Clever!  Kinda like the one soap vendor I posted about who used plain ol' coffee filters to wrap their bars. 

These tarts are .75 oz and sell for $.99 each.  I really liked that they are sold in single packs instead of the multi-packs you usually find.  This allows you to try a scent or just the tart in general to see how you like it without committing to a larger amount.

Shipping was a bit longer on this one, but still not bad.  I ordered on Thursday morning and received the package the following Saturday.  Shipping cost was very reasonable.

I'm very curious about how this palm wax will work.  Will the scent be stronger?  Last longer?  Or no noticeable difference?  We'll see!

Have YOU tried Comforts of Home?  Or palm wax in general?  I'd love to hear about it.


  1. Oh no! I looked at their store. now I want to buy! lol

  2. Isn't that just how it goes? Whenever I see a shop featured on a blog or in a video, it's very rare I *don't* want to rush over and order. I really do need to slow down. I had my stash down to a very reasonable and guilt-free handful size for a while, but now it's getting crazy with all the fall/winter scent shopping I've been doing.

    (I have one more current haul to post, and two more orders on the way. DOH!)