Sunday, August 19, 2012

Makes Scents of New York - Candle

I'd never heard of the Make Scents of New York candle company until I saw a post on someone's Facebook page.  The company was looking for people interested in trying their candles and spreading the word about them.  All you had to do was 'Like' and 'Share' their Facebook page and then send them a message to let them know you'd done so and were interested.  (I think the offer is still going.  Check their Facebook page to sure.)

Hmm, ok, easy enough to do.  And who doesn't want to try free candles???  Two days later I received an email from the company, letting me know I'd been chosen as a winner.  WOOT!  Within the week I received a package from them and inside I found one very pretty and very nice smelling little box.

How cute is that?  Look closely . . . there is even a bit of bling on the box, in the upper center.  Already this thing is looking rather high-end and elegant.

Inside the top flap of the box is this sticker, 'As Seen On TV Land.'  I don't know if the candle was seen on TV Land, or the company?  Do they advertise on TV Land?  I'm not sure.  I don't watch much TV.  There had also been several glossy postcards included in the box, apparently indicating which magazines the candles or the company have been in.  Again, whether it's featured or advertising, I'm not sure.

When I pulled out the candle itself I was in love.  I was all 'Oooohhhhhhh myyyyyyy,' and impressed all around.  Mine is the How You Doin' candle, all pink and pretty and girlie.  And there is a repeat of that bling on the actual candle label too.

This is not some skimpy, cheap sample product.  This is the real deal.  There is not much information on the candle or the box, but a bit of browsing on the website says this is a 14 oz candle and they use 'a high quality paraffin soft blend that allows for slow burning and maximum fragrance hold.'   It is a heavy, frosted glass container.  This one sells for $16.50 on their website.

The wax is indeed quite soft.  I can make an indent with my finger without too much pressure.  This one is a pale pink color.  Mine looks a bit faded near the top, but still looks a more true pink towards the bottom.  The website describes this one as a hot, bold pink.  Mine definitely looks faded when I compare it to the one on the site.  Oh well, it's still very pretty and very girlie.

One small irk I have about the website is that the scent descriptions are not very descriptive.  For example, this one is listed as 'Light top notes blend with tropical bold base scents to make a wonderful scent for the home or office.'  Heh, that's not very helpful at all.  Light top notes of what?  I understand that companies don't want to give away their secrets but when it comes to scents, I think a bit more detail is better.  So, in trying to figure it out on my own I'll start by saying . . . I love this scent!  When hubby and I were trying to decide what it was, my first impression was that there is vanilla in it.  He thought he detected peach, but I don't get that at all.  I almost thought there might be rose in it.  After letting it sit, and going back for the occasional sniff throughout the day, it eventually dawned on me that I'm smelling coconut.  There might still be vanilla, and I still don't know what those 'light top notes' are but I'm quite sure now it is predominantly coconut.

 The scent throw from this candle was amazing, covering the whole downstairs of our house.  It didn't take long to get the scent, and it remained strong the whole time we had this lit.  The actual burning of it had some minor problems though.  Since it is recommended to burn candles one hour per inch of candle diameter to ensure an even wax pool, that's what we did.  The picture above was taken after about two hours.  You'll notice it hasn't yet melted to the edge on one side.  We let it burn about four hours today and while it did get closer to the edge than in this pic, it never quite made it all the way on that one side.  It was minimal, but noticeable.  Part of the problem might have been that the wick was not centered to begin with.

Speaking of the wick, it did some major mushrooming rather early in the four hours we burned it, and it did drop some black speckled bits into the wax.  You can see some mushrooming in the picture, but by the time we blew it out for the day, the glob was huge.  I did not notice any soot or smoke though, so that's good.

Overall, I'm impressed with this candle because the scent throw was so good.  Usually I find candles to be too weak for my taste, and that is why I prefer tarts.  I love the look of the frosted glass and the label.  I love this particular scent.  I'm so glad I was given the chance to try this!

Thank you, Makes Scents of New York!!


  1. Ha, what a spunky name, I hear the Brooklyn accent in my head. If they're carried in any stores I'll check them out.


  2. I looked on the site and can't find anything about where, besides the website, they might be available. Bummer.


  3. Hi There! it's us here at Makes Scents!~ What a good recap. Fair and exactly the feedback I was looking for. Firstly, Yes the candles and the company was featured on TV Land : The "How You Doin' Candle you received is the official candle of The Wendy Williams Show and has been featured on the show many times. They have also been in People Magazine (actually The How You Doin' Candle was a best feature in People). None were ads, all placements were features.

    The scent description is a bit nebulous, and not very giving. This is somewhat on purpose because all of the scents are custom and don't exist anywhere else. I will continue to try and give more details though. Wick care is extremely important especially with this soft blend wax. The Mushrooming should be clipped before it gets to that point. The enclosed collateral should detail burning instructions and this adds to burning time and allows for more even burning. Even without clipping though, you will not see tunneling which I believe was your concern with the lack of even burning. This wax liquifies totally and eventually you will see that it will level off. This is a very slow burning wax, and thats kind of how it behaves.

    Thanks again!~ I hope you enjoy the rest of the burning time!~ :^)

  4. the candle above was special made for Wendy Williams the host of the Wendy Williams Show. There is a Red Velvet candle to die for it will have the area where you place smelling like cake. I purchased several of there candles and had one special custom made called Diamond & Pearls. They are great gifts so tell a friend and tell a friend it "Makes Sense" to have their candle in every household

  5. Anonymous/Makes Scents - Thank you again for letting my try your candle. It was a lot of fun. :)

    Anonymous #2 - Diamonds and Pearls sounds interesting. What type of scent is it? Do they have the custom option on the site?? I'll have to go look again.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! :)