Saturday, August 18, 2012

Plum Wild Creatives - Tarts

While bored earlier this week, I decided to browse Etsy for some new tarts.  YouTube is a good place to find out about vendors you might not have heard of, but it can also get kinda boring when everyone flocks to the same shops at the same time.  I used to love Etsy so much and I've sort of wandered away from it over the past 6+ months, so that's what drew me back.

Plum Wild Creatives is one of four shops I discovered that day.  Their fall scents aren't going to be listed until early September, but I decided to place a small order now so I could see how I liked the tarts in general and then decide if I'll go back and order more in September.

Cappuccino Hazelnut - '. . . the aroma of fresh brewed coffee with the delightful warmth of roasted hazelnuts.'  This was in the clearance section, and tartmaker Linda told me it was a leftover from last year.  It does look a little rough, but the scent is still strong.  There were some coffee beans on top for decorations.  This is a good ol' coffee scent.

Sugar Plum Berry - 'Sugar plums, holiday berries, and a touch of spruce lightly coated with sugar. This fragrance captures the beauty of the holidays!'  This was another from the clearance section, another leftover from last year, again looking a bit rough but still seems to have a decent amount of scent.  I don't think I'd recognize it as spruce if I didn't know it was in there.  It's a sweet and pretty scent, somewhat fruity, and then what must be the spruce gives it a very subtle 'sharpness.'

Harvest Moon - 'Spicy cinnamon blends wonderfully with orange peel, creamy vanilla and light fruity undertones.'   I really like this scent and can't wait to melt it.  It's not too spicy, so those who shy away from cinnamon shouldn't automatically disregard this one.  It has the soft sweetness of the vanilla, and something pretty ... the orange?  the 'light fruity undertones'? . . . and only hints of spice.  It's like a 'bright' fall scent.

You get three individually wrapped tarts for $2.00.  (The clearance packs were only $1.00.)  I don't like that they are shrink wrapped.  The plastic looks sort of rough and messy, and is a bit of a pain to try and cut or tear off.  Each tart is right around 1 oz., which makes it easy to just pop one into the warmer without having to worry about cutting them in half or anything.  I was also given a coupon code for 20% off since this was my first order.

Shipping was quick . . . ordered on Tuesday evening and received the package in Friday's mail.  There was no business card or invoice/receipt included, and no free sample or extras.  Still, the scents are nice, and seem plenty strong on cold throw, and the price is decent.  And it was fun to just venture out and try new shops again!

Are YOU familiar with Plum Wild Creatives?


  1. Never heard of them but I will check them out. I am a sucker for fall scents. :) Thanks!

  2. DOH! I didn't even include the link to the shop?! Bad me. I will fix that right now . . . *dashes off*

    Yeah, sometimes it's nice to steer away from the popular names and try someone new. :)


  3. Thanks for featuring me. If not shrink wrapped how would you like to see them packaged? With the new scents in production, I would love feedback of what you think would be better!
    Thanks again!

  4. Hello!

    I like the mini ziploc type bags that I see a lot of vendors use. I also like the little cello bags that I'm seeing a lot of. Not sure what the costs of either of those types are, and I'm only one voice out of many tart lovers. :)