Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Kmart Wax/Accesories Sale

Wax lovers!  Heads up!  I was just at Kmart and they have pretty much everything in their candle section on Buy One, Get One 50% Off sale.  That includes tarts AND tart/candle warmers.

The whole reason I went there was to finally get an electric warmer.  Then I saw the sale and was all "OOH! What should I get?  Who can I tell?"  In the end, I got . . . nothing.  I'm *still* undecided on getting an electric warmer.  And while some of the tart scents were really nice, I have plenty at the moment because of my recent large Sweet Fixations order.

I'm not even sure why I have it in my head to get an electric warmer.  I don't want the light bulb kind, even though there are SO many nice looking ones.  I want the 24 watt style, with the large dish, and the hot plate . . . the kind you can also set a candle on.  People say you get a stronger scent and throw with this type of warmer, but that they also seem to burn through that scent faster.  So why do I want one?  I don't have an outlet in the area I currently have my warmer.  I'm generally content with my tea light warmers.  But it would be kinda nice to be able to just set troublesome candles on the hot plate and still get the lovely scent from them.  Sometimes it would be nice to just plop a larger size tart into a warmer and not have to deal with cutting it to fit the small tea light bowl.  And I've heard that Yankee tarts might actually give me some scent and throw in this style warmer.

People feel more comfortable with the electric style warmers because there is no open flame to worry about.  I actually worry more about the electric ones than my tea light ones.  My tea light warmer sits on the top shelf of my desk, in a sort of protected area where the stereo and speaker give a sheltered corner.  It's near the center of the room, and the cats have no interest in going there.  I'd have to put an electric one somewhere else in order to be near an outlet, and then I worry that the cats would be climbing around and either knock the cord or knock the dish.  I worry I'd forget it's on.  I worry the dish will get knocked off while the hot plate is still on.  And really, I just don't know where I'd put an electric one.  So why do I want one????  LOL

Sale goes thru Aug. 4, so at least I have time to reconsider and go back.  Hehe!

(Vnetta - I think it was you that showed the Kmart warmer in a video?  Time to go grab more!)


  1. Yes, I love the candle warmer that I got from Kmart. I keep it in my dining area. It performs well. I have never had a problem with it. Thanks Deb.

    1. After thinking about it more, I think I'm going to pass (again) on getting an electric warmer. Since you mentioned on YouTube that a 24watt one doesn't help with Yankee throw, that tells me I can just give up on the idea. hehe