Sunday, August 26, 2012

Starlight Chandling - Tarts

The final of the Etsy shops I discovered while browsing that day is Starlight Chandling.  This is the one I was most excited about, because of the prices and because the owner has been so helpful and friendly.  As with the other shops I'd found that day, I messaged to ask if she'd be adding more fall scents.  She assured me she had tons more and since this was a brand new shop she would be adding a few (fall and general) each day.  I waited and watched for a few days before placing a small order.  (And yes, my order was small . . . she was just very generous with the extras.  LOL)

Falling Leaves - 'A most delightful Fall fragrance. Reminds you of walking and crunching leaves under your feet on a crisp, cool Autumn day taking in the clean air and the smell of Fall.'  Hmm, no specific scents in the description so I'll have to wing this . . . and I don't know what to say.  There seems to be a wood note, and maybe some type of greenery note (maybe like cut grass?), but I can't really narrow it down.  Seems like there might also be some musk.  It has a bit of a cologne air about it.  It's nice and it does indeed kinda remind me of being outside on a fall day.

Fall Harvest - 'A wonderful Fall fragrance bursting with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves lovingly enhanced with sweet vanilla. Harvest time is truly here again.'  This one is pretty much straight up spice.  I don't really get the vanilla note at all, at least not on cold throw.  I like spice scents but I'm not sure how I'll like this one.  And I don't know why I keep ordering it because I got one called Harvest from another vendor that I think might be the same, and I'm not fond of that one either.  Ah, someday I'll learn.

Sugar Corn Pudding - 'Notes of fresh corn, butter, creamy milk and sugar.'  This is SUCH a warm, inviting scent.  I also have this from another vendor and had mentioned that it reminds me of my mom's kitchen on Thanksgiving morning back in my childhood.  You do get a corn scent, and while that might sound corny (ha!) it really is a nice scent.  The butter and cream really soften it and warm it up.  I never would have guessed I'd like this scent so much.

Pumpkin Creme Brulee - 'Creamy pumpkin puree, ground cinnamon, cardamom, Vermont maple, rum, french vanilla and caramelized sugar are the components of this amazingly wonderful scent.'  Of course I had to get something pumpkin scented, hehe.  The maple and rum add a mild unique twist, but you still get the traditional pumpkin notes.  Can't wait to melt this one!

Granny's Zucchini Bread - 'Hot sweet zucchini bread, with a hint of spice and pumpkin chunks all blended together in this traditional holiday bread.'  I am not into the current zucchini bread blend craze but since this one mentioned pumpkin I decided to give it a try.  I smells like the other zucchini bread tarts I've come across, which isn't bad but I just don't understand the craze.  It does not smell like plain ol' bread though, so that zucchini and/or pumpkin really is adding something to it.  This one has a bit of a salty note to it.  This will be nice when we get into the colder days of late fall and into winter.

Mango and Tangerine - 'An exotic fusion of fresh mango and ripe tangerine. Subtle tropical notes of papaya, peach and creamy coconut create an awesome Summer fragrance.'   I picked this one because I wanted something that was still summery, something I could melt now to see how these tarts are . . . and because the shower gel that the boys have is a mango/tangerine scent that I think smells fabulous.  LOL!  It's such a happy, summery scent.  I think the mango outweighs the tangerine, but you do get that sweet citrus zing.  Love it!

Pumpkin Souffle - 'An irresistible bakery fragrance bursting with the delicious aroma of fresh pumpkin complemented with butter, sugar and spice (everything nice). A must have fragrance for fall.'  As mentioned above, shop owner Donna was very generous with extras.  She included this one because she said it was her favorite of the pumpkin scents.  And oh yeah, it is a nice one.  It smells like a traditional pumpkin pie to me, and that's ok because it's freakin' awesome.

Coconut Lime Verbena - This is not currently in her shop so I couldn't get the scent description, but I'm pretty sure any scent lover is familiar with this one anyway.  It's another bright, summery scent, and a pretty even mix of coconut and lime.  This one is a smidge more 'powdery' than the one I used to use when I was making soap.  It's still very nice though, and I know my sister quite likes this scent so maybe I'll pass it on to her as she ventures more deeply into this waxy world.  (I bought her an electric warmer for her birthday.  Yay!)

Peach Grove and Citrus Blossom - 'A wonderful blend of ripe peaches and citrus. A hint of lemon leaf with fresh lemon peel and grapefruit zest. Peach tones are present with a creamy base of vanilla.'  Another freebie, this is one I probably never would have picked on my own but it does sound interesting.  That's one of the fun things about getting free samples . . . a chance to explore things you  might not ever try.  This one is very citrus-y, and even has an effervescent quality.  I do get a bit of the peach but it's more of that citrus fizz type thing.

Passion Melon - 'This fragrance is the essence of passion melons combined with ripe figs and the berries of a Myrtle bush. It is a vibrant scent that is clean and natural.'  And the last of the free extras, this is another I don't think I'd ever choose on my own.  But it's also one I'm surprised by.  I kinda like it!  If I didn't know better, I would say this was a peach scent.  Looking at the description, I don't really know what figs or Myrtle berries or even passion melons smell like.  I guess combined they smell like peach.  LOL

I also received a very cute card with a handwritten note inside.  I love those extra touches.  And I really have to thank owner Donna for all those free tarts!!

These are the usual scallop style tarts, and are all around 1.2 oz.  They sell for a mere $.80 in the Starlight Chandling Etsy shop!  Shipping was quite fast . . . ordered on a Thursday morning and had the package the following Thursday.  There are only tarts and votives in the shop right now, but she plans to add candles soon.  And she's adding new scents everyday, so be sure to check back often.  You can also message her and ask about scents.  She says she has nearly a thousand in her inventory!

As always, I will post my thoughts on these over on the Facebook page after I melt each one.

So, with a thousand scents available, what would YOU be looking for?


  1. She has a few that peak my interest. I am trying really hard to get away from bakery and foody scents which is what I seem to only order. I am just nervous I won't like them! lol

  2. I've seen a lot of complex sounding scents in her shop, like they might be perfume or cologne dupes. A lot of those types I'm afraid to try, but I also know that these types of scents often surprise me. I'm not a big fan of sandalwood or patchouli, but when they're mixed with things the end result can sometimes suck me in.

    I'm not a floral fan so I tend to skip right over those.

    I looooooove bakery scents.


  3. Yeah, and this doorknob hasn't even used that new electric warmer yet! Lol. Must get it out and use it this week.

    The Pumpkin Creme Brulee one sounds awwwwwesome. Curious about the Falling Leaves one. And Sugar Corn Pudding.

    This year you EAT PUMPKIN PIE.

  4. Eeeuw. I have not desire to EAT it. I just want to smell it. Ok, MAYBE I'll have a tiny bite off someone's just to say I've tried it.

    And here I was wondering how that warmer was working! Doh!


  5. Whoa! Did you really just say that???

    Ha, yeah, I'll have to get my act together and use it.

  6. Exactly! Even that step is a shock!

    Holy crap, I just typed "Evan." LOL

  7. Dork.

    Oh, ha, I typed Jeremy. LOL (And everyone else is wondering 'Wtf?')