Monday, September 17, 2012

Awesome Sale At Scentsationals!

If you're familiar with the $2.00 tarts at Walmart you are probably familiar with the Scentsationals brand.  They are having an awesome sale right now on their website . . . an Autumn Harvest Fragrance Pack of six different scents for only $6.99!  That comes out to about $1.16 for each 6-cube clamshell pack of tarts!

The scents included are . . .
  • Autumn Breeze - 'Fresh fall scent of autumn leaves, and pine wood.'
  • Autumn Walk - 'Breathe in the crisp autumn air as fresh apples baked in spices beckon you with their sweet aroma and leaves crunch beneath your feet.'
  • Cornucopia - 'Warm, rich scent of harvest fruits, clove, spice, and crisp apples.'
  • Country Cider - 'Enjoy a cup of freshly brewed cider on a cool autumn day with this spirited fall fragrance of cinnamon, allspice, crisp apples, cloves and a hint of orange peel.'
  • Harvest Moon - 'Exotic woods release their warm bouquet, mixing with the smell of aromatic tobacco, dark licorice and a kiss of mint.'
  • Witch's Cauldron - 'Double, double toil and trouble! Hear the cackle of an evil witch as she stirs her holiday brew, filling the air with the scent of black licorice root, brown sugar-dipped bats’ wings, scary star anise and frightful fennel seed.'
I've not ordered directly from the site but I have always loved the Scentsationals tarts I've been able to get at Walmart.  I've *browsed* the site many many times.  There are bajillions more scents available there than I've ever seen in the store.  And yeah, there are TONS that I want to try.  I hope they have other holiday packs on sale like this because it just might be the nudge I need to finally get me to order.


  1. mmmm Witch's cauldron sounds amamzing!

  2. Harvest Moon sounds quite interesting too. Are you going to order? Doooooo it!


  3. I ordered these this morning. They looked to good to resist and the price is just too good to past up!

  4. Yay! Have you ordered from their site before? I'm just curious what the shipping costs and times are like. Can't wait to hear your thoughts on these. I'm so tempted to order myself, but I'm trying to hold off. Trying! LOL