Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blackberry Creek Soap - Mini Haul

In early fall of 2009 I stumbled across a blog post that lead me into the wonderful world of handcrafted soaps.  I'd never heard of goat milk soap, and had no idea SO many people were making their own soap?!  I immediately ordered from that company that opened my eyes, and while I waited those few anxious days for my order to arrive I spent a lot of time browsing online and discovering more about this craft.  My first area of interest was whether there were people local to me (here in Wisconsin) who were making and selling soap and the very first website I came across was Blackberry Creek Soaps.

Now here we are, three years later, and I've finally ordered from them.  It's funny too, because I've sooo fallen out of the soap addiction this year because it's too easy to get carried away buying from everyone, and my stash is still large enough that I really don't need to buy any.  Even so, when I went back to this site, just looking at it brought back all those warm-fuzzy feelings, those butterflies of excitement in my belly, those wonderful feelings of three years ago when I just getting into handcrafted soap.  Sounds corny to some people, I know, but it was a hugely exciting thing for me in my otherwise boring life.

I don't know why I never ordered in the three years that have passed.  I know at first I was only wanting goat milk soap, but even after I started being more accepting of non-milk soaps I would look at this site and then move on.  That all changed when CurlyQ730, one of the girls I watch on YouTube, who tries to focus on Wisconsin handmade soaps, did a review of Blackberry Creek soaps.  I went back to the site, that old excited feeling came back, and I decided I was going to finally order.

Pumpkin Patch - 'After your guests use Pumpkin Patch Soap it will take Dad and Uncle Charlie to restrain them from attacking the pumpkin pie! Pumpkin Patch Soap really does smell like a fresh baked pumpkin pie and has great pumpkin colors as well.'  

I knew I wanted to order a fall scent soap, so when I saw Pumpkin Patch, I knew this was the one.  It's a typical pumpkin pie scent, not too heavy on the spice, and a bit of the warm crust note.  It smells so good just sitting here on the desk while I write this.

Cranberry Spice - 'One of my personal favorites. The smell of cranberries is fantastic. It reminds me of Thanksgiving, but I like it all year long. The soap contains cranberry seeds and colloidal oatmeal for gentle exfoliation.'  

When I also so this Cranberry Spice soap, I knew my order had just gotten a bit bigger.  I remember making a Cranberry Spice soap in my own soapmaking days and *loved* that scent.  This bar that I received looks so much better than the picture on the site.  Look at it!  That bar is gorgeous!  And the scent is just as beautiful . . . a slight berry juiciness but that tartness reminds you it is cranberry, and then just enough of a spice kick to warm it up for fall.  When I had both bars sitting on the desk the other day, it really did smell like Thanksgiving Day in the room.  MMMMMMM!!

This is the bar I chose to use first.  I had to work a bit to get a lather going, but sometimes you just have to do that with a new bar of soap.  Once the lather was there is was a thick, creamy type that lasted and lasted.  It was luxurious and wonderful.  Although I do see the specks of cranberry seeds and oatmeal, I did not feel anything scratchy.  The scent was perfect, enough to pleasantly smell it while in the shower but not lingering on your skin afterwards.  Some people like the smell to linger, but I like to use different lotions or body mists so I'm totally ok if that soap scent doesn't stay.  My skin felt fabulous afterwards, no dryness or tightness.  I even used it on my face and had no problems.

I love the look of these Blackberry Creek soaps.  They have that homemade, rustic feel that I love.  These are thick chunks, a perfect size to hold onto in the shower.  The 3.5 oz. bars sell for $4.97 on the website, and there is an option to try 1 oz. bars for $2.97.  I also love the packaging . . . a crisp clean cigar band type label wrapped around a corrugated cardboard sleeve.

They also have lip balms available so I decided to try one of those too.  I picked Chai scent.  It's hard to see in this picture but it's just a waxy-white colored balm.  I was a bit disappointed that the product did not start anywhere near the top of the tube.  Some balms will have a little dip where the balm has settled, but it's still usually at the top or just a smidge under.  This one was almost a quarter inch down!  And then had very high, thin sides that were uncomfortable in getting started.  The first day I used this I was again very disappointed.  It didn't seem to last more than a few minutes and, in fact, seemed to make my lips peel like crazy.  I stuck with it though and after I think that first full layer of crap skin peeled off my lips, everything seems quite nice now.  The spicy chai scent is not overpowering.  I will stick with this a while longer and see if the peeling stays away, but overall, I don't think I'll buy their balms again.  A normal size tube sells for $2.97 on the website.

 Autumn - 'A fantastic way to decorate you home for the fall season. Autumn Soap from Blackberry Creek perfectly captures the colors and smells of autumn. Everyone will appreciate it.  This is a seasonal soap available in August.' 

I also received this sample in my order.  I wish they had a better scent description on the site because I'm having a hard time trying to figure out just what it is I'm smelling.  It's definitely an outdoorsy scent, reminding me of the typical Leaves type scent I've been coming across in fall tarts lately.  It's somewhat spicy, somewhat 'wood'y.  It's interesting, just wish I knew what it was.

There are several other products available at Blackberry Creek, such as lotions, scrubs, deodorants, and other body care products.  They also have some home fragrance products, some gift baskets and gift ideas, and some wonderful looking soap dishes.  Although disappointed with my first lip balm, I do still want to try their other products.  And I definitely love the soap!  And I love that it is a Wisconsin company.  I'm so glad I finally gave them a try.

Have YOU tried Blackberry Creek Soaps?


  1. I just came across another WI soapmaker, Thornapple Ridge, do you know them? Their labels look familiar so I thought you tried them.

  2. Nope, have not tried that one. Had not heard of them either but I will be bookmarking the site. Thanks!


  3. I just came across another one, Peterman Brook Herb Farm, on the same website as Thornapple Ridge. The website is based in Green Bay so that makes sense.


  4. Ah, cool. I'll have to give that Peterman one a better look.

    I don't spend much time on those collective soap shopping sites. I'm not sure why but they always strike me as odd, like I'd rather go to to the individual maker's site.


  5. I know you're only sporadically tempted by soap these days but if you're ever in Milwaukee there's a cool looking place there called Halo Soap there.

    1. Nah, I never go to the Milwaukee area, but I see Halo Soap also has an Etsy shop. I'll have to take a close look at that.