Friday, September 7, 2012

Fall Tarts At Walmart!

While shopping at Walmart this morning, I was so excited to see the fall tarts from Better Homes & Gardens are finally available.  YAY!!!  Not like I need any, with all the fall scents I've ordered from small vendors lately, but I've been anxiously waiting to see what they'd have this year in case there are some 'must have's. 

I don't remember for sure what they all had last year but I know some of these are returning scents, and I suspect some might just be old scents with new names.  And as much as I wanted to buy one of each, I managed to control myself and only bought two.  (Although I am already thinking that I should have gotten more.  Doh!  I'm hopeless!)  I did a quick sniff of most, and scribbled a list of the names, so I'll just run through those quick . . .
  • Spicy Sugared Cinnamon - seemed like a typical sinnamon-sugar scent
  • Warm Crackling Campfire - interesting, sort of smokey and musky (?)
  • Spiced Pumpkin Pie - typical pumpkin pie scent, but seemed light to me
  • Fragrant Evergreen Forest - more of an outdoorsy scent than just a generic 'Christmas tree' type
  • Simmering Apple Cider
  • Warm Autumn Welcome - I think it was softly spiced and maybe pumpkin-y?
  • Country Kettle Corn
  • Sugared Vanilla Shortbread
  • Candied Caramel Pecan
  • Warm Baking Spice - surprisingly soft and warm, I think vanilla in there too
  • Ginger Spice Cake
  • Gooey Marshmallow S'more - I don't get into s'mores scents but I guess this was a typical one
  • Mountain Cabin Escape - very outdoorsy is all I remember
  • A Thankful Harvest - I think this was quite pumpkin-y
  • Mulberry Plum Spice
  • Sparkling Cranberry Zest
  • Crisp Fall Leaves - (bought this, see below)
  • Candied Caramel Apple - (bought this, see below)
  • Juicy Blackberry Current
  • Cinnamon and Spice
  • Spiced Apple Citrus - had a very strong 'sting' of citrus-y effervescence 
The only two that jumped into my cart were these, and I'm not even sure why these were so important.  Candied Caramel Apple is soooo yummy!  I had some caramel apple tarts melting yesterday and neither one really did anything for me.  This one has a deeper, richer, slightly salty caramel note just a smidge stronger than the sweet apple, and there almost seems to be just a hint of spice.  Love this one!  I'm really REALLY not sure why I was so intent on getting Falling Leaves . . . maybe because it's so different than the others, or maybe because it was the ONLY pack left.  It's a strong scent just from cold throw, rather sharp/harsh.  There is something like a smokey note but the main note is something like musk or sandalwood, or something that I *know* but just can't pinpoint.  It's definitely a familiar scent.  I think it's that hint of smokiness underneath it all that makes it seem like fall leaves, bringing back memories of burning leaves along the curb at my childhood home.  Ha, as I keep smelling it now while writing this, I'm liking it less and less.  LOL!  So why did I feel I need this one??

(Just watched a video by someone who bought a bunch of these fall tarts and she said the Fall Leaves one is a strong pine scent.  At first I thought 'No way,' but now that I've sniffed mine again I think it IS pine I'm smelling.  Weird!  There is more than just pine though.)

Warm Autumn Welcome and A Thankful Harvest were the two I was first going to buy.  After sniffing them again though, they seemed rather generic in their warm spicy way, and I decided they could wait.  The mulberry and cranberry ones would be my next choices to get if I do decide to buy more from this line.

I did not see any fall scents from the Scentsationals brand.

They also had fall themed tart warmers.  Some were just fall colors, while others were actually fall items like a pumpkin shaped warmer, and an absolutely adorable bushel basket shapped warmer that looked like it was full of apples and other fall fruits.  If I used bulb warmers I would have grabbed that one in a heartbeat!  They also had a couple of the small plug-in style warmers available.

All of these were in the seasonal display section near the front of the store, NOT over in the regular candle aisle.  The tarts are $2.00 as always and the large warmers are $15.00.

So, did you see any in the list that YOU are interested in?


  1. Candied Caramel Apple sounds delicious. I smelled Crisp Fall Leaves the other day. I like it but I didn't Fall in love with it. I was smelling so many all at once though. Maybe it will appeal to more next time I sniff it. I am hoping that my store gets the owl warmers in soon. I am looking to the white owl. I saw the brown one and it is soooo cute but I think I want the white one.

  2. I'm not thrilled with Crisp Fall Leaves now that I have it home. Ha, really not sure why I bought it. Maybe I'll like it when I melt it, or maybe I'll just pass it on to someone else.

    I saw 'itsallaboutetsy's owl warmer, and last night I saw Tiger Raider's new owl warmer from Scentsy. They are both so cute. Sometimes I want a light bulb warmer because they just look so cool!