Monday, September 3, 2012

Game of Thrones - Season One

Leading up to the start of this series in 2011, hubby and I were so excited to have something like this to watch.  I watched part of the first episode but then got sidetracked with who knows what else, and then fell way behind in viewing from then on.  Even though there were usually opportunities to see reruns on different days, something always seemed to keep me from just sitting down and watching.  Eventually I gave up, figuring I'd watch it all straight through when the dvd set came out.  Hubby stuck with it though, and watched each week's episode religiously.

So the dvd set eventually did come out, just before hubby's birthday in March, and I bought it.  I thought, yay, I'll watch right away and soon the second season will be starting and everything will be great.  Ha.  Yeah.  I kept putting it off and the second season snuck up on me way sooner than expected.  Since I hadn't seen the first season, I decided to not even watch the second season.  Hubby, again, watched faithfully each week.

Well, here we are now . . . many months after the second season has ended, and many months before the third season will begin . . . and I've finally watched the entire first season!  Woot!  And it's all thanks to the Game of Thrones inspired tarts I saw in that Bubble & Geek Etsy shop.  LOL

I'm going to share my thoughts on the show.  Keep in mind, this is the first season only.

Game of Thrones is sort of The Tudors meets Lord of the Rings.  Several noble families are battling for control of the land called Westeros.  There is weirdness in the land, like summers that last for nine years and winters that last for three, or something like that . . . the seasons are not set in pattern as we know them to be.  In the northern part of the land it turns to a snowy, mysterious, and dangerous place beyond The Wall.  There are legends about the creatures and monsters that live beyond the wall, and now some people are afraid that when winter, or 'the darkness' comes again, these monsters will come too.  But that's all sort of a minor background story for now, while the real meat of the first season is in the battles between the families to gain control of the lands.

Lord Ned Stark is played by Sean Bean (Boromir, in Lord of the Rings) and is one of the reasons I was excited about this show.  He is leader of one area of Westeros, and is best friend of the king.  He is all about good and right, and while I did like him, I was surprised I didn't like him more.  Early in the season, the king and his family visit Ned's land.  The king then asks Ned to become his 'Hand,' sort of his right hand man.  Ned doesn't really want to, his family doesn't want him to, but since he's all about honor and duty, he agrees.  While in his new post he stumbles upon dangerous information and is eventually captured and accused of treason.

Ned's wife is Catelyn.  I liked her a lot.  She is one of those strong women who gets things done.  Right around the time Ned leaves for his new post, Cat sets out on a journey of her own to uncover the truth about an attack on her young son.  When she she visits her crazy sister, leader of one of the other areas, you almost cringe at the insanity in that house.  Breastfeeding her 7ish year old son?  While on the throne conducting business?  And the boy is so freakin' annoying on top of it all.  Bleah, I was glad when Cat finally moved on from that place.

Rob is the oldest son of Ned and Cat.  He doesn't really become a main player until later in the season when he is forced to lead an army in his father's absence.  I didn't love him, didn't hate him.  It'll be interesting to see what's in store for him in the second season though.

Jon Snow is the bastard son of Ned.  He was raised in Ned's house but Cat has no love for him.  We don't know much about his mother yet but I'm thinking something about it will prove important, like he'll be a long lost heir to a throne or something.  This guy is hot.  He's dark and quiet and smart and powerful.  Sometimes his pouty broodiness gets a little old . . . I want to see him laugh more, or get mad more, and not just be pouty.  When Ned leaves for his new post, Jon joins the Night's Watch, a brotherhood that lives at The Wall in the north and is responsible for patrolling and protecting that area.  Some people feel the Night's Watch is an old fashioned waste of time because the supposed monsters haven't been seen for thousands of years, if they ever really did exist.  But Jon feels this is his calling, and that it is the only place for him since he is just a lowly bastard son.

Sansa is the oldest daughter of Ned and Cat, and I don't like her at all.  Her constant pouty, tired, angry, 'Woe is me!' look needs to be knocked completely off her face.  She's stiff and monotone, and in the few scenes where anger and emotion ARE needed, it just doesn't work.  Her character will be important.  She instantly falls in love with the son of the king and wants nothing more than to marry him and be a princess.  She does become betrothed to him but soon learns maybe this wasn't the wisest thing afterall.

Arya is the younger daughter of Ned and Cat.  I love this little girl!  She is feisty and angry, a major handful.  She is a tomboy, nothing like her pouty older sister.  She wants to shoot a bow and arrow, and learn to wield a sword, and doesn't care at all for acting lady-like and learning to do needlepoint and finding a good husband.  Through a series of events towards the end of the season, she is whisked away and forced to pass herself off as a boy to protect herself.  In the first episode, the Stark men come across a litter of dire wolf pups near their dead mother.  One of their party convinces Ned it is a sign because their house sigil is the wolf, and because there are five pups for the five Stark children.  (Then they find a runt, and it goes to bastard son Jon.)  Later, when Arya sets her wolf free to save it after it attacks someone to save her, yeah, I cried.

Bran is the middle son of Ned and Cat.  He sees something he shouldn't have seen and something happens to him as a result, and it's these events that sort of get the whole angry ball rolling between the powerful families.  He's so cute, just like Arya.
There is one younger Stark son but he only popped up briefly a couple times during this first season.
Robert Baratheon is the king of the seven lands for most of the season.  I did not like him at all.  He's an obnoxious, arrogant, drunk who has nothing good to say about anyone.  All the conversations he and best friend Ned have are just aggravating because it's like Ned grew up and Robert never did.  And he became king??  Can't say I was sad when circumstances remove him from the story before the end of the season.
Robert is in a loveless marriage with Cersei.  She is from the rich and powerful Lannister family.  She's not meant to be a well-liked character but I kinda do like her, in a warped way.
Jamie Lannister is Cersei's twin brother, and they have a very close *ahem* relationship.  I do not like this guy at all.  He's good looking and all but he's another cocky, arrogant ass.  Hubby had mentioned to me while watching, that this guy is so unlikable but there is something that you still admire about him.  I strongly disagreed with him.  
Joffrey Baratheon is the little prick of a son of Rober and Cersei . . . or is he?  He is the one Ned's pouty daughter is all in love with.  And he does become king before the end of the season, allowing him to become an even bigger dick of a prick.  Hate this kid!  Hope his reign is short!!
Tyrion Lannister, or The Imp, as he's known is sort of the black sheep of the family.  He used to spend all his time drunk in brothels but the series of events in this first season has him playing some important roles that he's not sure how he got to be a part of.  I used to hate him when I saw bits during the first season.  As I watched tidbits of the second season I found my opinion changing.  While he is rather inyerface about things, I do like that in his way, he tries to do the right thing.  He keeps flaunting his family's gold and power around to try and get out of situations, but there are times like when he slaps Joffrey (repeatedly, yes!!) and lectures him about something.  (I forget what, how to treat people perhaps?)
And then there is the character most commonly known as Khaleesi.  If you know Game of Thrones, you know about Khaleesi.  I was confused for a long time about whether Khaleesi was her name or her title.  Turns out it is her title.  Her name is Daenarys Targaryen and she is one of the last of her people.  The Targaryens were slaughtered and driven from the seven lands after they had tried to take power (or had it for a while?  I forget.) and did a ton of their own slaughtering in the process.

Viserys Targaryen is Daenarys's brother and supposedly heir to the thrown.  He and his sister are on the run to stay alive and try to win back what was theirs.  They have fled across the 'Narrow Sea' and he has somehow arranged for Daenarys to marry the powerful leader of the brutal Dothraki people, in exchange for their help when Viserys tries to invade and reclaim his spot in the seven lands.  This guy is something else.  It's almost comical how much we're supposed to hate him.  His hissy fits are funny, and his arrogance knows no bounds.  All he wants is a crown of gold on his head, and by golly he gets it before the end of the season.

And if you know about Khaleesi, you know about Drogo.  He is the khal . . . the leader, the king . . . of the Dothraki people.  He's huge and powerful and a man of few words.  I remember it had become sort of a running joke during the first season that this guy never seemed to speak.  I also remember the big news on the geek sites when rumor had it he would be giving a huge speech in one of the later episodes.  It's funny to have finally watched it all, because yeah, he is quite a chatterbox in that speech scene, after so many episodes of grunts and one word answers.  We don't get to know him too much, but it was sad when and how he died.  Yes, spoiler, sorry.  The way he died was kind of, I don't know . . . lame? . . . but the short-lived story of Drogo and Daenarys was pretty darn sad in the end.

It took me a while to figure out who was with what family and who did what to who.  It's always like that for me when I watch or read these royal battle type stories.  The main families battling for power in the first season seem to be the Starks and the Lannisters.  Well actually, the Starks are not battling for power but events have led them to be the biggest threat in the Lannisters efforts.  There is a lot of scandal between the Baratheon and Lannister families, and the Starks are learning more and more about it.  While they are all bickering and killing each other, they keep one eye on those remaining Targaryens but have a false sense of security because they know the Dothraki have never been in boats and won't cross the Narrow Sea.

Or will they?

And while you're thoroughly confused by all this, don't forget about the folks living up at The Wall.  They're discovering weird things up there.

Like zombies.


I'm very glad I finally watched this, and am super anxious now for the second season to come out on dvd.  We've had the box set of the first four books since Santa brought it to hubby for Christmas last year, but it's just been gathering dust on the shelf since then.  No more though, hehe.  I've started reading the first one as something to tide me over.  And, I might even watch the whole first season again because I really enjoyed it.  There IS porn and gore, which I could do without, but it seems to be quite the norm these days.  Just be aware, so you're not shocked if you decide to watch.

Soooo, have YOU watched Game of Thrones?  What did you think of it?  I'd *love* to talk about it with someone!


  1. Hm. Maybe Brad and I should watch this. Feel like lending?

  2. Sure. When?

    (You've already seen the only part you really want to see, but I'm sure Brad will enjoy the rest. LOL)


    1. My God, I really don't remember anything anymore, it seems. ?!

    2. Ha, YES! I knew I wasn't crazy on this one.