Monday, September 17, 2012

Mainstays (Walmart) Layered Jar Candles

Not so long ago I was talking about the three scented/layered candles by Mainstays at Walmart.  They are 18 oz. jars that sell for $5.98.  I debated about getting the pumpkin and apple ones, and in the end it was hubby that decided we should just go ahead and get them, that he would like them in the living room.  (He prefers candles.)

So I had bought one of the pumpkin scents and one of the apple scents, and couldn't wait for September to start because that was when I was going to allow myself to start using fall scents.  We decided to start with the apple one, wanting to have the pumpkin scents later, between Halloween and Thanksgiving.

As you can see, we've been burning that apple one quite a lot.  In this pic it looks like we're almost to that bottom layer, but actually while it was burning last night the wax pool was indeed down into that layer.

The scents in this were Mulled Cider, Caramel Apple, and Apple Butter.

We've had nothing but trouble with this dang candle.  *GRRRR*  It has reminded me time and time again why I prefer tarts.  From the very first burn we had problems . . . uneven melting, tunneling, crappy wick, iffy scent throw.  You can see how crappy the sides of the jar look, from all the wax and soot residue.  Sometimes we would try to correct it while it was lit.  Sometimes we just scooped wax out when it was cool, to try and give it a new even start.  Yesterday I was even holding the lighter on the outside of the glass to try and melt that outer ring that refused to melt otherwise.  I don't smell anything but a sort of generic wax scent anymore when it's lit.  I'm ready to just call this one done, but hubby still wants to keep going through that bottom layer.

Because of all that, I've totally lost interest in the pumpkin candle that's still waiting.  This one has Pumpkin Spice, Pumpkin Maple, and Pumpkin Bread layers.  The top does smell delicious, and strong.  I don't know though.  We have other fall scented candles that are smaller and I'm pretty sure will be less of a hassle.  I suggested we just give this one to someone else.  But he wants to keep it, and still has hope that it will work better.  Ugh . . . I hope so.

What a bummer!  If you've had these candles, how did they work for you?


  1. Wow, I know nothing about candles. Lol. I light 'em and let 'em burn. I think I need to be educated to not accept craptastic ones. Right now the only thing that bothers me is when I can't smell them.

  2. I used to just light them and let them be, and I'd always get pissy that I couldn't smell them, and that they melted an area down the middle and all the side wax was wasted. I had no idea back then that there was more to it if you wanted the most from your candles. That's why I switched to tarts, because they are basically hassle free.

    As for that pumpkin candle above, we still haven't started burning it. I'm working through all the smaller candles first. (And I really don't want to bother with the hassle of the large one.)


  3. I love pumpkin candles! Was just at Walmart tonight and WHAT a selection!!!!

  4. Unfortunately, we've had nothing but problems with the pumpkin one. It got to the point that I caved and bought one of those cheapie candle warmers and we've been melting it that way. Problem with that is the layers all blend together when melted. Smelled nice, but what a waste.

    Once again, this is why I prefer tarts.