Friday, September 21, 2012

Melted - Better Homes & Gardens / Mulberry Plum Spice

This one is such a nice scent.  It's not really spicy at all.  It's much more of a deep, rich, dark berry type scent.  There was something almost creamy about it too, sort of reminding me of a wildberry cheesecake or mousse scent.  It's not a bright, cheerful, summery type of fruit scent even though it is very berry-filled.  I don't really think of fall with it either though, but it is definitely a warmer type scent than a simple fruity one would usually be.

I melted two cubes because that's my usual amount with clamshell style tarts.  The scent throw with two cubes was nearly perfect for my large rooms.  It was another one that scented the whole dang house but on a much more subtle level.  Even coming in from outside, just opening the door gave soft hints of scent.  So nice! 

Too bad my Walmart is completely sold out of these already, because I would have gotten more.


  1. I love your header pic. It's exactly what our field look like in the summer!

  2. This is at the end of the road I live on, out here in the boonies. It was early morning, and the light fog was so cool. I need to start keeping my camera with me again because the last few mornings on my way to work have been amazingly beautiful with fog like that.