Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Melted - Comforts of Home / Caramel Kissed Latte

Caramel Kissed Latte - 'Decadent heavy cream topped with freshly brewed
cappuccino and sweetened with sugary caramel.'

This was my first time trying palm wax and I was excited. It looks and feels SO different. Unfortunately, it took nearly two hours to melt in my tea light warmer and I got NO scent from it.

The owner did contact me and offered to send a stronger bulb for my warmer, but I explained that I only use tea light warmers. She assured me they usually melt just fine, even in bulb warmers. She also said they will be adding soy tarts in the next couple months and she's like to send me a soy replacement for my sad palm experience.


  1. I just ordered Palm Wax from a vendor. I am not that fond of it but I figured that I would give it another try. The last time I melted a palm wax tart, I hardly got much scent from it. Oh well, we shall see what happened this time around.

  2. I still have two others from the order I placed with this vendor. After this failed first experience, I just haven't had an urge to try those other two.

    I'll be watching to see how those new ones work out for you.