Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Melted - Rincon Scents / Cinnamon Apple Berry

Cinnamon Apple Berry - 'All three scents come alive when mixed together to make
a sweet scent with just a hint of kick.'

I did not like this one.  It's spicy and fruity but there is something sort of 'suffocating' about it.  That sounds weird, I know, but it's like your breath sort of catches when you take a big sniff of it.  Geez, I don't know how to explain it.  The spicy part of it is softened somewhat by the fruity notes, and the berries outweigh the apple, but then overall it's just sort of like when you walk by someone who is wearing too much perfume.  You know that sort of nanosecond of 'Mmm, nice' before the mild choking 'ohmygawd' moment kicks in.

LOL - review of the year, I know.

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