Sunday, September 30, 2012

Melted - Rincon Scents / Country Bakery

Country Bakery - [no description available]

It's really frustrating when vendors don't have descriptions of the scents, so I'll have to wing this one.  Obviously it is a bakery scent.  There was spice in it, but on a warmer level . . . not harsh and sharp.  I also picked up a cake type note, or maybe cookies.  I'm pretty sure there was more to it because it was both warm and sweet, along with that spice.  Maple?  Caramel?  I really liked this one.  I melted the whole tart (about 1 oz.) and it had one of those amusing throws where you can't really smell it around the warmer but it's super strong in other parts of the house.  After one tea light length melt (around 4 hours) the scent was starting to fade.  I think there is probably enough scent left to get another melt out of it, although lighter, but I'm not going to try, just because I'm anxious to move on to other scents.

Overall, I really like this one.  Just wish there was a scent description available.

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