Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Melted - Scentsationals / Word's Best Chef

My Mom Is . . . The World's Best Chef! - 'Baked apple and pastry, just like Mom's kitchen!'

Ty had gotten this for me way back on Mother's Day and I'd been saving it for fall because it was a spiced apple scent.  I liked the scent of it cold, but once I finally melted it, wow . . . I pretty much hated it.  There is a tart green apple note, and there is a faint hint of pastry, but it is overwhelmingly strong on the spice.  It's a really strong scent too, so after it was warmed for a while that spice got to be too much, like headache inducing sharpness.  I usually melt two cubes when I use Walmart tarts, but maybe just one cube would have been better for this one.

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