Sunday, September 16, 2012

Melted - Starlight Chandling / Lemon Blush

Lemon Blush - 'This bright fragrance is a wonderful concoction of true tart lemons sweetened with a blend of vanilla, sparkling raspberry, cotton candy and a touch of downy musk.'

I said in my haul post that my first impression of this was that it reminded my of Lemonheads candies.  Well, in melting it, that still holds true.  It's a very lemony scent, but there is that little bit of something else to it.  I did not detect anything specific other than the lemon, but you can tell there is something more.  Sometimes it seems like a cleaner, or a Pledge type lemon scent.  Other times it seems sweeter, with just faint traces of the vanilla warmth.  But overall, it is a candy-sweet lemon scent.  I started with melting only half of the tart but when that only gave me a light scent throw I tossed in the other half too.  It was still on the lighter side.   

 This was not a bad scent, but I don't think I would buy it again.  The throw was too light, and there was something too sharp, or too overly sweet.

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