Friday, September 7, 2012

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Berry Creme Brulee

Berry Creme Brulee - 'Rich, Creamy, and Addicting. Vanilla and sugary berries
with glazed caramelized topping.'

I think this was another freebie. At first I couldn't smell anything, but after it had been warming for quite some time the scent kicked in and became strong. It's a nice creamy, deep, dark berry scent. Almost bordering on 'too sweet' but still nice. More of a warm weather scent, not a juicy summery fruit scent.


  1. I have this one too. I've got to get to melting it soon. Thanks for sharing your review of Sweet Fixations.

  2. I love Sweet Fixations. If that other shop hadn't jumped in my face with tantalizingly low prices, I think Sweet Fixations would be my absolute favorite vendor. I like that Sweet Fixations does a lot of their own blends. The other shop doesn't.