Friday, September 7, 2012

Melted - Sweet Fixations / Pink Cherries

Pink Cherries - '(SF Blend)- One of my faves! Pink Sugar and Cherries!'

This was also a freebie and it's funny because at one point I did have this in my cart. It was a nice scent, still a lot of cherry but the sweet perfume of the Pink Sugar made it a really sophisticated cherry. Nice, not overly strong.


  1. This was the first one that I melted from Sweet Fixations and it was good. Last night I melted Pink Sugared Cookies. Very nice scent sweet cookie scent but that pink note took it to another level and made it even better.

  2. That one sounds interesting. I'm thinking of placing a Sweet Fixations order later in the fall, get some Christmas scents. I might have to get a Pink Sugared Cookie too.