Saturday, September 15, 2012

Walmart Fall Mini-Haul

Went to Walmart this morning to do my regular shopping and was anxious to get some of the fall tarts I had passed on the first time I saw them.  I couldn't believe how picked through and cleared out the whole selection was!!!  Seriously, there were a bunch of Country Kettle Corn and one of the cinnamon-spice ones, and then just a few of some of the others.  I had wanted to get Warm Autumn Welcome and A Thankful Harvest but there were none to be found.  My next two choices were going to be Sparkling Cranberry Zest and Mulberry Plum Spice.  I did manage to find a cranberry one in the mess but when I smelled it this time I didn't like it enough to get it.
So in the end, I only got this one . . . which I was lucky enough to even be able to find.  It's funny, because it reminds me of a cranberry scent.  There is not a lot of spice in this, just enough to warm up the fruitiness.  I think it will be nice around Thanksgiving.  Bummed that I didn't get the others I'd wanted though.  I'll have to keep an eye on it, see if they restock.  Even the warmers were practically cleared out.  I had to laugh though, because the much sought after white owl warmer was still there. 

While still in the fall/seasonal section, I noticed these towels and potholders.  There were tons of different designs with leaves or pumpkins or turkeys, all in various styles and colors.  Then I noticed this design with apples and was like "YESSSSS!!!"  I think I've mentioned before that I would like to get more 'early' fall decorations, things with apples instead of pumpkins and turkeys.  This is a start!  I got two dish towels and one potholder.  These are the cheapie ones, only $ .98 each.  Wish there would have been matching placemats or something.  Ah well, it's a start.  I'm happy!


  1. I love the colors of the potholders and towels. Great for Fall. Mulberry Plum Spice is a really nice scent. I have been checking my local Walmart stores for the very same one and nothing yet...urrgh.

  2. Pants ~ Indeed! I liked a lot of the other designs too but I already have kitchen garb for Halloween and Thanksgiving.

    Vnetta ~ Are you checking by the seasonal section at the front of the store, and not in the regular candle aisle? That's where they will be.

    I wanted to check the Walmart in a different neighboring town this weekend but in the end never got around to it. Probably for the best because I have so many pumpkin scents already. I'm a bit worried though, seems I've been having some duds and bad luck with wax lately. :(