Sunday, October 28, 2012

Glade Holiday Scents Preview

Yesterday at Walmart I noticed they had moved the fall/Halloween scented tarts and warmers to a much smaller section closer to the regular candle aisle.  This bummed me out a bit even though I have all of them that I want anyway.  It also got me a bit excited because it means the winter scents will be coming out soon enough . . . maybe even next week since Halloween will be over.  Yay!

So while I still have to wait a bit for those, I did notice over in the grocery section of the store, a large display of Glade's winter scents.  Yay again!!  I did not take the time to sniff all of them because I knew if I hung around too long I'd be wanting to buy them all.  I also remembered I have a coupon for Buy 2 Get 1 Free but that was at home.  Anyway, my favorite of what I did allow myself to sniff was . . .

Nutcracker Crunch - Dreams of chestnuts, walnuts and more fill the home with joy as if the whole family was there thanks to the wonderful winter crafted fragrance of Nutcracker Crunch. 

This smelled SO good!  So warm and sweet and cozy.  I don't really need to buy any Christmas candles because we have several left from last year (and we don't burn candles nearly as much as I melt tarts), so I'm kinda wondering if buying these (pic below) . . . 
. . . and melting them as tarts would work.  Well, I mean, I'm sure it would work fine but how would it be cost-wise.  I'll have to look at that next time because I didn't look at prices this time.  

Anyway, other scents in the line include the following . . . 
Apple Cinnamon - Come home to a house full of scents of spicy cinnamon and warm apple pie. Apple Cinnamon is an intoxicating blend of ground cinnamon and juicy water apples. It’s the simple way to warm up winter. 

Frosted Cookies - Relive the aroma of Grandma finishing up a batch of fresh, sugary cookies with the inviting fragrance of Frosted Cookies.

 Peppermint Mocha - Start every day with the warm scents of coffee blended with spices and chocolate. There’s no better way to wake up on a winter morning. 
(This one says 'limited retailers' on the website.  I did see it at my Walmart, so I'm grabbing it.)

 Shimmering Spruce - One of the best places to enjoy winter is among the evergreens atop a snow-kissed mountain. Capture the scents of the spruce with the freshness of the open air at home with Shimmering Spruce™.

 Sparkling Clementine - Lounge at home and enjoy a spicy blend of citrus with the sparkle of a snowy morning. There's no better way to relax and get cozy at home than with Sparkling Clementine.
(This one also says limited retailers, and I don't think it was at my Walmart.)

I could have sworn I saw a gingerbread one at the store but I don't see one on the Glade website.  Maybe I'm just thinking of the mocha one because it's brown.  Hmm, I'll have to double check that too next time I'm shopping.

But anyway, I know it's a bit early for this type of post but I like finding out about things so I thought someone else might like to find out too.  I will be grabbing Nutcracker Crunch and Peppermint Mocha for sure, and then I'm undecided on the Frosted Cookies or the Shimmering Spruce.  I'll have to sniff them both and decide.  I'll skip the Apple Cinnamon because to me that is a fall scent.  And since I don't remember seeing Sparkling Clementine, I guess I don't have to worry about that one.

Do you think you'll be buying any of these?  Which are your favorites?


  1. These look so good. I will be looking for Nutcracker Crunch and Frosted Cookies. If it wasn't for the storm that is about to hit our area, I would go to Walmart tomorrow but I know it isn't safe.

  2. I'm hoping that storm fizzles out. Hoping everyone stays safe and relatively damage free! (But I'm also anxious for CFTKR to reopen so I can place my first order. LOL)