Sunday, October 28, 2012

King's Country Scents - Test Shipment

I recently posted about King's Country Scents, a brand new shop I'd found on Etsy.  Immediately after receiving that first order, owner/tart maker Tammy and I were chitchatting via Etsy 'convo' and she asked if she could send me a test package.  She had gotten some new molds and wanted to see how the tart shapes would hold up in a different shipping container.  My first order had come in a box.  She was concerned that shipping would be too high that way and wanted to try lowering the cost by using padded envelopes.

Would I be willing to help her?

Well, heck yeah!

So she made up several different shapes and sizes to see how they'd hold up.  She asked if there were any particular scents I wanted, but since these were going to be free to me it didn't feel right saying 'I want this and this and this,' so I told her to just surprise me with something that leaned towards Christmas.  The package arrived very quickly and everything survived nicely.  Since King's Country is a 'primitives' shop, the tarts are mainly grubby style.  I love the grubby look!

And what did I get?  I'll do a quick run through, but more detailed descriptions will come later as I melt them.

Sugar Plum Berries - 'Sweet sugary plum, vanilla sugar, with slight notes of warm holiday berries.'   This scent if very familiar to me.  Something from Bath & Body Works perhaps?  There is a fruity-berry note right off the bat, but then something else making it almost perfume-y.  Maybe even the slightest hint of spice?

Spicy Winter Scentsations - 'This is a blend of pine with all sorts of smells.  The pine is in the background.  The spice is a warm cinnamon.'  I'm not too sure about this on cold throw.  I don't think I would ever detect the pine if I didn't know it was in there.  I do seem to get a sort of wood note though.  And there is a slight spicy note that eventually reveals itself as cinnamon like the Red Hots candies.  This will be interesting to melt.

Christmas Cabin - 'Citrus top notes lead to a rich accord of cedar, spice, and fir balsam, creating a warm, country style comfort with this cozy blend.  Earthy accents of patchouli on a musky vanilla base adds the finishing touch.'  This one also reminds me of Bath & Body Works, but again, I don't know what.  Sweet citrus is the first thing that hits you but it is quickly followed up with the mix of everything else.  I like complex scents like this.  Just reading the description, I would probably never have given this one a chance, but sometimes you find yourself surprised.  And look at that cute little cupcake shape!

Gingerbread Cookies - 'Hints of sweet orange leads to a spiced accord of ginger and cinnamon to characterize the fragrance.  Delicious bakery tones are enhanced with buttery accents and a hint of maple for the gourmand effect.'  In other words - YUM.  Although there is the classic gingerbread scent lurking in there, it is a sweet version, and there really is just a pinch of orange note to it.  If you stay away from gingerbread because you don't like spice, this might be the version for you.

Spicy Gumdrops - 'Incredible strong and yummy scent, smells just like real spiced gumdrop candies!'  This is a fun one, another I don't think I would ever order on my own.  There is that licorice scent that you get from the candy but it is not overpowering and it is not the only note.  There is a sweetness from the sugar, and maybe even a slight fruity note to it.

Weathered Crow - No description available but I was thrilled to receive this because I remember loving it back when I made soap in this scent.  I can't remember the description from back then either but it always reminds me of spice cake.  She dusted this in cinnamon for an extra 'grubby' look.  I like it!

This is Gingerbread Cookies scent again, but in a full sized cookie shape, with a star in the middle.  Looks like this one is also dusted in cinnamon.  So freakin' cute!  This one weighs 1.4 oz, where the others all weigh just under 1 oz.  I'm not sure what the prices are on these, or if they differ since this one is bigger.

This one might have been unintentional.  It is Macintosh Apple and it smells yummy, but on the info paper she sent there is a Mulberry Spice listed that was not in the package.  Ah well, they were free and I'm just so tickled to have been part of this testing phase of the King's Country shop.

Thank you so much, Tammy!  Everything arrived in great condition, and I love all the shapes.  I don't think I mentioned in our Etsy convo, but I really like the cinnamon dusted look.  It definitely adds to the grubby feel. 

I will be ordering from this shop again for sure.  If you haven't checked it out yet, I highly encourage you to do so!  And look for my first Melted post for King's Country tarts coming soon.


  1. Since I saw your haul I've been wanting to order from her but I wanted to wait until I saw your review, can't wait !

  2. I'd say go for it. I've been satisfied with this shop all around so far. And if there is a scent you're looking for, go ahead and send her a message, because her scent list is not complete as far as I can tell.

    My little Melted review of Be Thankful is up now. :)