Sunday, October 28, 2012

Melted - King's Country / Be Thankful

Be Thankful -'Warm and inviting, combines the festive aromas of pumpkin pie, warm spices,
apple pie and freshly baked cookies.'
Although I've never smelled the original, I'm told this is a Yankee dupe.  These little gingerbread man shaped tarts came in a bag of ten.  The first time I melted this scent, I chose the four smallest, which amounted to right around 1 oz.  The second time I melted some, I used three, which was also right around 1 oz, and now I have three left for next time.  I would say this gave a medium-to-strong throw.  In the area around the desk where my tea light warmer sits, it was quite strong but it did not really trickle into the adjacent rooms.
The scent itself is interesting, and not at all what I'd expected.  I thought this would be something creamy and cozy, more food-y and bakery.  I do get hints of soft spice, and maybe a faint trace of cookies or crust, but overall there is something that reminds me of wood, like maybe cedar.  I do not get apple or pumpkin from this at all.  Not a bad scent, but just not what I was expecting.
I am satisfied with the scent throw, and impressed with the quality and customer service from this shop.  I have several other tarts from here now, and am looking forward to trying them.  So while I would not buy the Be Thankful scent again, I would not hesitate to order from this shop.
(I'm not sure what the proper name is, whether it's King's Country Scents like on the Etsy shop, or King's Country Primitives like on the Facebook page.)
And finally, Ty found some sadistic humor in watching these poor little guys drown in themselves . . . 

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