Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Melted - Tiffany Candles / Pumpkin Supreme

Pumpkin Supreme - 'Fresh baked pumpkin pie.'

I mentioned in my first cold throw thoughts that this was very lightly scented at the time.  Sadly, melting one whole tart in my tea light warmer, I got absolutely no scent throw.  I was so bummed because everyone just raves about how wonderful this vendor is.  I've melted two other Tiffany tarts some time earlier, and while they were both on the lighter side than what I prefer, at least I'd been able to smell them.  I got nothing from this one.


  1. I was so confused when i got this one. have not melted it yet. But I don't think it smells like pumpkin at all lol. This is an odd one for sure.

  2. That's kinda what I remember too from when I first got it. I just went back and looked at my first thoughts and I had posted 'It almost seems too bright and fruity to be pumpkin pie.'

    Oh well, I couldn't smell anything when melted anyway. Let me know how it works for you.