Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Petals Bath Boutique - Lotion

You all know I love Petals Bath Boutique.  I had been looking so forward to Kia's autumn release because I'd wanted to get a set of products in The Great Pumpkin Scent.  While waiting though, I'd gone ahead and placed a small order for two fall scented soaps from a local vendor I'd not tried yet.  Then when the Petals fall release happened, I did not see the products I'd been hoping for.  Bummer.  Even so, I eventually decided to try the 'body frosting' (lotion) and since it was still a pumpkin scent, that made it all the better.

Frosted Pumpkin - 'Warm and delicious Pumpkin with notes of Nutmeg and
Ginger topped creamy dollops Vanilla Frosting, Maple Sugar and Lemon Zest.'

This scent is strong!  The other day, I put this lotion on at 6am, and around 8am a coworker asked "Are you wearing pumpkin?"  Even later in the day, around noon, I could still smell traces of it.  At first I am a bit self conscious about it but it seems to tame down and then is just a pleasant lingering scent.  At least I hope so.  I mean, I haven't seen people around me gagging or anything.  LOL  

The scent itself is quite spicy.  I was shocked and slightly disappointed at first.  Now though, I also get that sort of tang of the pumpkin and the rest just blends to make it a warm, yummy fall scent.  I love it.  

The lotion is so nice.  It is a thick but creamy consistency, like frosting (as it's called).  It spreads very easily and absorbs quickly, leaving no greasy feel.  I put it on my feet after my shower, and it's done wonders.  On my hands though, which are exposed to this increasingly colder and drier air, it seems to be only a medium type moisturizer.

A 4 oz. jar of body frosting sells for $5.99 on the Petals website, and is available in several scents.  Check back often, or just send Kia a request and she'll probably do a custom order for you.

When I order soaps from Petals, I always get several soap samples.  Since I did not order soap this time, I was tickled to see my sample was a solid lotion bar.  This one is called Muscle Majick and is described as 'Our muscle relaxing blend with crisp and invigorating Peppermint Essential Oil sweetened with notes of golden Honey and creamy Vanilla Bean.'  I think this might be that same Honey Mint Vanilla scent that I fell so in love with earlier this year.  Ohhh, it smells soooo good.  I might have to get my next body frosting in this scent.

I'm not familiar with solid lotions.  I think I might have had samples of them from other places along the way, but don't know that I ever really used them.  I haven't used this one yet either.  This one is supposed to be for sore muscles, I guess.  The website says to rub it between your hands a bit to sort of warm up the bar, then rub it wherever you are sore, and massage the oils in.

A full size bar is 1.5-2 oz. and can either be ordered in a storage tin for $5.50, or without the tin for $4.75.  There are other bars in other scents that are just meant as lotions.  And they are so dang pretty!


If you haven't tried Petals Bath Boutique, what are you waiting for?  I highly recommend this shop.  Customer service is amazing.  Shipping is fast.  And the products are wonderful.  Just looking at the soaps on her site while writing this post has me reconsidering getting back into soap making myself.  I just love this vendor!


  1. That Muscle Majick thing sounds very cool! And the lotion sounds really nice.

  2. Loving the lotion but think I need something a little more heavy duty. :(