Friday, October 5, 2012

Walmart / Scentsationals Halloween Tarts!

Did my weekly shopping at Walmart this morning and had to check for any restocks in the fall tarts section.  Imagine my surprise (think kid on Christmas morning) when I noticed there were now Scentsationals brand tarts in that section!!!!  I was still a good distance away when I noticed the not-BH&G labels and did that shopping center obstacle course mad dash to get there.  LOL!

There were still plenty of the Better Homes & Gardens fall tarts in a handful of scents, and there were several new warmers in more Halloween-y designs . . . and then a full shelf of Scentsationals Halloween tarts.  I didn't even wait, just grabbed one of each so I wouldn't end up in the same 'Should have grabbed them but now they're gone' situation I was in with the fall scents.

Vanilla-I-Scream - 'We all scream for . . . !'
This one is so SOOOO good!!!!!  You'd probably assume it's just a creamy vanilla scent but I swear there is more in here.  It definitely reminds me of something familiar, like one of the BH&G everyday scents, but I can't place it offhand.  It's almost like there is a bit of maple or butterscotch in this.  Very vanilla, very creamy, but then something else adding just that much more sweetness.  LOVE!!

Haunted Hayride - 'A ghoul's romantic musk.'
This is my least favorite of the bunch, but I still quite like it.  My very first thought is 'mens cologne,' but then again, something else is lurking in there.  I want to say it is something 'hay' like but that could just be planted in my head because of the name.  Maybe it's like the sunflower scented tart from BH&G that I have sniffed once or twice?  Even though it is cologne-y and musky, it's not a heavy, overpowering scent.  This will be a fun change.

Scaramel Apple - 'Gooey, gooey goodness!'
Another fabulous caramel apple scent.  Since Scentsationals is the same company that makes the BH&G tarts, I wondered if this might just be the same scent as Candied Caramel Apple.  I just did a cold sniff comparison, and while they are very similar I think there is a slight difference.  This Scaramel Apple one seems a bit lighter overall, and a smidge stronger on the apple note.  There is still a very obvious rich, creamy caramel note.  This is super yummy and a great replacement if you were trying to find the BH&G Candied Apple one.

Candy Corn - 'Freakishly good!'
I didn't expect much from this because Candy Corn seems to be a very light scent in everything, whether it be tarts or soap.  It tends to just be a light vanilla scent.  This is still a lighter scent than some of the others in the line but I was surprised by how strong it actually is.  When I sniffed it in the store I thought there was a deep, rich vanilla and something else . . . similar to the I-Scream one.  Sniffing it now while I write this, I get a sort of Playdoh note and that sweet goodness is gone.  I'm curious which way this one will go when melted.  Will that vanilla-yummy come through?  I still detect it on cold sniff, and there is a sort of buttery note, but that slight Playdoh note comes chasing in after it.  Interesting.

Boo Berry - 'So good it'll scare you!'
Love the color of this one.  (Go, Vikings!)  Definitely berries . . . deep, dark berries . . . and then a light hint of something almost effervescent.  When I keep sniffing it, sometimes I think I detect strawberry.  I think there might also be a slight creamy note in there.  Another interesting one that I'm anxious to melt.

Trick or Treat - 'Licorice, black as night.'
If you're not a black licorice fan, you're probably already running far from this just by that caption, but wait.  Come back!  There is way more going on in this one than just the black licorice scent.  In fact, that is just a very small part of the overall scent.  There is that sort of faint effervescence again, or wine-like maybe.  There is something candy-sweet, and maybe hints of apple.  Maybe even a pinch of orange??  This would almost be a nice Christmas scent.  Me likes!

There was also a Banana Nut Bread scent, but I don't know why that would be in the Halloween section, and I didn't get any.  It's not like it was a stray one that someone had just left there.  No, there were like four display trays full.  It was a nice scent, but not fall or Halloween type, so I passed.

I don't feel bad about grabbing these when I have a cupboard full of tarts already, because I've been having such crap luck with private vendors lately.  Tarts from four different shops have been complete bombs in the last couple weeks.  It's been very discouraging, and when I open my little cupboard to choose something to melt, more than once I've just chose not to melt anything.  So when I saw these, I had no problem at all grabbing tarts that I know are going to perform.

So, have you seen these Scentsationals Halloween tarts yet?  Which is your favorite?


  1. I wonder if we have these in Canada ! I actually work at Walmart so I'm gonna go see today :)

  2. I didn't know you were in Canada. Oops on my advice in the other post's comments. lol

    I just saw a YouTube video that showed a Pumpkin Potion scent in this line. That one was not at my store but dangit, I want it!


  3. Oooh, Boo Berry and Trick or Treat......I want them.....even the banana nut bread scented one. Great post. Deb!!

  4. And I want that Pumpkin Potion one you found. Makes me wonder if there are any others out there than both of us missed.


  5. I know! (Did you go get any?)


  6. I searched Walmart high and low yesterday. No even a single one was found. Our Walmart tends to be a bummer when it comes to wax :(

  7. That sucks big time. You need to move close to a well stocked Walmart. hehe