Sunday, October 14, 2012

Yankee Christmas Tea Light Warmer

Remember the gorgeous fall themed Yankee tea light warmers that I posted about a while ago?  (See that post HERE.)  Well I was just browsing the Christmas selection because I just received an email about it, and found this beauty . . .
I never did get either of the fall ones, partly because I always talk myself out of it, and partly because there was a chance we'd be going to Mall of America when we go to Minnesota and there is a Yankee store there.  Well, we've decided not to go to the mall, and I still keep talking myself out of getting these because my plain white workhorses do just fine.  But I don't know . . . they're all so dang PRETTY!!!!

I wonder if the outlet would have these or not?  They usually only have older things, or seasonal things *after* the season.  I could just order online and be done with it.  Ha!  I make everything so difficult.

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