Friday, November 16, 2012

Front Porch Candle Co. - Tarts Mini-Haul

I've had to eat my words about not wasting another moment of my time on Front Porch Candle Co.  I got several Front Porch tarts in the recent swap and gift boxes I received, and I've been hearing that things are getting better in regards to actually having stock available, so I decided to give them another try.

Family Christmas - 'Wonderful cozy warm blend of plums, berries, spruce, with fruity undertones and just reminds you of Christmas!!'

The spruce hits you first, and the fruits dance by as a sort of lingering afterthought.  This seems rather lightly scented.  Hoping it blooms when warmed.

Sweet Potato Pie - 'Wonderful spicy, buttery, brown sugar infused sweet potato pie aroma with flaky crust undertones.'

This little bugger is the one I could smell before I even opened the package.  Mmmmm!  I loved the Sweet Potato Pie tart I had from another vendor, so when I saw it available here, I grabbed it.  On cold throw at least, this one isn't like that other one.  This one is spicy and I get some crust notes, but the buttery sweetness is not as deep and rich . . . at least not while cold.

Hot Buttered Rum - [no description available]

Oh.Em.Gee.  This is sooooo friggen yummy.  It's almost caramel-y, almost a salty note to it.  Warm and buttery and sweet.  Can't wait to melt this one!

Christmas Cookies & Eggnog - '(In House Blend) Popular blend of Christmas Sugar Cookies and Eggnog...such a great seller it is an all year round scent.'

This is really lightly scented right now.  I just received the package about an hour ago, so I'll let these air out apart from each other and hope that the true scents show themselves.  When I was digging this out of the package and taking pictures, I could definitely smell eggnog.  As I write this, putting the actual tart to my nose for a sniff, I'm barely getting anything.  Fingers crossed this one comes alive when warmed.

Each tart is 1 oz. and costs $1.75.  That's a bit pricey for a 1 oz. tart BUT shipping is always free.  Everything came nicely packaged in a regular yellow padded envelope.  There were no samples or extras, no business card or thank you notes.  Shipping was . . . well . . . this brings me back to my initial gripes . . . 

I still don't understand how this shop is run.  The current shipping time listed on the site is 7-10 business days.  Ok, that seems to imply that these are poured fresh for each order.  Why then, isn't there a more permanent list of scents to order, and why are the ones that ARE listed showing a quantity available?  THAT would seem to indicate that if blah blah scent is listed and shows four in stock, that four tarts of blah blah scent are already made and sitting on a shelf . . . right?  Which brings us back to the question of why is shipping time 7-10 business days?  Well, I've also learned more about the popular 'combining small orders,' which most people seem to do because what tarts are available seems to change daily and people place several small orders over the course of several days as they see new things show up.  Apparently Front Porch will wait however many days (7-10?) and combine up to four orders into one shipment.  I suppose this is handy but what if I'm only ordering four tarts and I know that's all I want . . . can I message her and ask her to skip the wait-and-combine and ship now instead?  I don't know.  This is all the big swirly part that still bothers me about this vendor.  In this particular case, I placed my order on a Friday morning (Nov. 2) and received the package on Friday two weeks later (Nov. 16).

Now, having said that, I will also admit that I am finding myself drawn into the game of checking daily and wanting to grab things that are available.  I've noticed this vendor has a lot of custom blends, which is always a plus.  You can get individual tarts or you can try your luck at 4-packs ($4.75) or samplers ($10.00) or even jar candles ($16-$24).  With orders over $25 (single or combined) you can get a free 4-pack.  And remember, shipping is always free.

I do like these tarts.  I like the size and the grubby style look.  I seem to remember the ones I've melted previously have had decent enough scent throw.  Yes, I can totally see myself ordering from here again.  Just wish I could understand how this place is run . . .

So, all you Front Porch veterans, what are some scents that I absolutely must grab if I see them?


  1. Ohhh, your review made me excited to melt Hot Buttered Rum - I have a 4-pack.

    My favorites from Front Porch are: Zucchini Bread Cupcakes, Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Cotton Candy Cookies, Lavender Sugar Cookie Dough Bread, Pink Sugared Bread...and I could go on but I'll stop there!

  2. I saw Hot Buttered Rum on sale for $1.00 at Sweet Fixations while browsing this morning. I almost nabbed it! Then I had to firmly remind myself I have too much wax already. *sigh*

    I might still get a Pink Peppermint if I can find one on sale somewhere. Are there any Peppermint Marshmallows out there? Hmm, that just popped into my head. Wow, I might have to shut the computer off and lock myself in a closet until this Biggest Shopping Weekend is over. LOL!