Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melted - Better Homes & Gardens / A Thankful Harvest

I've had so many pumpkin scents this fall that they're all sort of blurring in my mind now.  Looking back on cold throw notes, I had said this was a bit more 'fresh' than Warm Autumn Welcome, a little lighter, and less spicy.  Warmed, whatever bit of 'fresh' I thought there was is gone.  It's back to a pumpkin bakery scent.  This one is indeed less spicy though.  This one seems creamier, buttery.  There is something almost like buttered popcorn lurking in this scent.  There is a bit of saltiness.  And now that I think about it, is there really any pumpkin in here?  I think the picture might be putting that idea into my head.  This is a very warm, sort of stuffy kitchen scent.  Does anyone understand what THAT means?

Melting two cubes in my tea light warmer gave a medium throw.  I can smell it easily around my desk, where the warmer sits, but farther away it becomes just a very subtle scent that you might not even notice.  Very nice if you like lighter scents.


  1. I'm getting overwhelmed by pumpkin scents too so I can relate haha ! Good thing this one was less spicy :)

  2. I have a whole second pack of this one to work through. I'm going to hate pumpkin by the time Thanksgiving is over. LOL!

    Maybe I should hang on to this one for next year.