Thursday, November 1, 2012

Melted - Better Hones & Gardens / Warm Autumn Welcome

This one is full of pumpkin, that's for sure.  It's nice because it's not quite like all the pumpkin spice clones that are out there.  While there is some spice in here, the pumpkin and the bakery notes are stronger.  As I was puttering around the house this morning I was thinking it was something like a sugar cookie scent I was smelling with that pumpkin.  Maybe it's meant to be pie crust?  At times that part of the scent was stronger, and other times the pumpkin definitely reigned supreme.  And then it was funny because I had to leave the house for a while and when I came back, as soon as I opened the door I could smell spice above everything else.  Even so, it was a warm and gentle type of spiciness.

I melted two cubes of this in my tea light warmer.  I would classify it as strong throw because it did scent most of the downstairs of my house, but it was a lighter overall scent in those rooms.  It was nice sort of 'Mmm, what's baking?' type instead of an obvious tart or candle perfuming the air.

This was a nice one.


  1. I haven't melted this one yet but so far from what I can tell, it's a good one.

  2. This is indeed a really yummy one. I don't know what my favorite of the pumpkin scents would be though, because I've had so many they kinda blur in my mind if they're not actually melting.