Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melted - Can-Do-Candles / Gingerbread Men

I've never ordered from Can-Do-Candles, and am not even very familiar with them, but I received this tart as part of a gift recently.  I've heard this vendor name a lot on YouTube, just haven't really paid attention to what's being said.

I melted this entire 1.1 oz. tart in my tea light warmer.  Having no clue what to expect for strength of scent, I was very happy to find a nice strong throw.  I could easily smell it throughout the downstairs of my house.  It was still quite fragrant after one tea light burn (about four hours).

This is not a sweet type of gingerbread like the iced cookies type.  This is a rich, delicious, somewhat spicy gingerbread.  It's deep and dark and heavy, like the molasses used to make the real thing.  I went to the Can-Do site to get a description but they are closed at the moment.  I'm really curious about this scent because I'd almost swear there is something else in here.  The name is Gingerbread Men, and at times it seemed like there were hints of musk or cologne lurking in this.  I might just be crazy, but it sure seemed like it!!  I will definitely be checking when the Can-Do shop reopens!  (Unless someone else already knows??)

This was a great scent, and I was very happy with the performance.  Can-Do just might a shop I need to try out myself.


  1. Don't miss out on their sale, it's only today !!

    1. I did miss it, but that's ok because I have too many tarts at the moment anyway. :P