Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melted - Front Porch Candle Co. / Hot Buttered Rum

Hot Buttered Rum - [no description]

Not only have I had to eat my earlier words about Front Porch Candle Co. recently, but I seem to have swung to the extreme other side and have now become one of the addicts who stalk the site.  LOL!!  I'd gotten several in gift/swap packages and more recently placed a small order myself, along with another larger order just the other day.  Ooohhhh dear . . .

I melted this whole .9 oz. tart in my tea light warmer without expecting too much from it.  I think I just go into all tarts now expecting lackluster results.  My luck seems to be turning though, because once again, I was pleasantly surprised with the scent throw on this little guy.  I could smell it throughout the downstairs of my house, even when I first come through the door from being outside, but it is a medium type scent.  You know it's there but it's not like -Wham!- heavily perfumed air alert!  It's a very nice level of scent.

In my cold sniff notes I said this was almost caramel-like, with an almost salty note.  I think buttered rum is supposed to be like butterscotch, isn't it?  Now that I've plenty of time to smell this one warm, yeah, it's more of a butterscotch sweetness.  This is a super yummy, creamy,  warm and cozy scent.  There is a very faint hint of spice but it's nothing that any spice haters need to fear.  A delicious scent that I would absolutely buy again.


  1. Yippy! I have a 4-pack of this that I'm waiting to melt in December. I think I bought it in October. I am so happy to hear it's good!

    1. I'm finding it soooooo hard to not order from Front Porch every stinkin' day. Darn you for seeing the error of my ways and getting me hooked! :P