Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Melted - King's Country Scents / Weathered Crow

Weathered Crow - [no description available]

This was one I received for free in that test shipment from King's Country Scents.  I was so excited to see this particular one because I'd made soap in this scent back in my soap making days and had fallen in love with it.  This was 1 oz. grubby style tart, dusted with real cinnamon, and just oh so cute.  I love the grubby style!

I can't find a description for this scent anywhere but I'm pretty sure it was originally a Yankee Candle scent, and I remember always thinking of it as smelling like spice cake.  On cold sniff, this was rather lightly scented.  There was some spice to it, but it was warm and cozy, not harsh.  There was something slightly bakery, probably the notes that make me think of cake.  It's a yummy, cozy scent, good for fall or winter.

I was sooooo disappointed that I got absolutely no scent or throw from this when warmed.  I melted the whole tart in my tea light warmer and got nothing.  Even when I put my face right up the the warmer and sort of fanned the scent towards me, I was only able to pick up the smallest traces of it.  I let it warm for about two hours, then blew out the tea light and considered this one a loss.  It's weird too, because this type of scent would normally be quite potent.  Bummer!

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