Sunday, November 25, 2012

Melted - King's Country / Sugar Plum Berries

Sugar Plum Berries - 'Sweet sugary plum, vanilla sugar, with slight notes of warm holiday berries.'

Yummynummy scent!  On cold sniff I thought there was something like a perfume note, thought it was very familiar to me, like possibly a Bath & Body Works scent or something.  Melted, that sort of goes away.  It becomes a much deeper, warmer scent.  There is a bit of spice, just a smidge to warm things up, but mostly I get a creamy, dark berry blend that smells so good.  This doesn't necessarily strike me as a Christmas scent, but I can see how the hint of spice turns a fruity scent into something more fitting for fall or winter.

I melted this entire .8 oz. tart in my tea light warmer and had good scent throw.  As with other tarts from this vendor, it seems to start out strong but fade quickly.  I'm thinking that these tarts might be more suited for smaller rooms, or at least more enclosed rooms where the strong beginning scent will have a chance to linger.  My rooms are large and open, so scents tend to drift and fade.

A great scent though!

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