Saturday, November 3, 2012

Melted - Scentsationals / Candy Corn

I never expect much from Candy Corn scents because they always seem to be too light.  Combine that with the fact that my original cold throw notes mentioned a weird Playdoh smell, and my hopes weren't high when I popped this into the warmer. 

Wow, was I surprised!

I freakin' loved this scent.  I still detect the hint of Playdoh scent when this is cold, but when warm there is nothing weird to be found.  It is a delicious buttery vanilla type scent, not too heavy, and not too sweet.  There is something like maple or caramel lurking in there, adding a sweetness.  Just a really good, warm scent without being like a heavy bakery type.

And strong!  Candy Corn is always so light, but melting two cubes of this in my tea light warmer gave me a good strong throw and scent that lasted.  I could easily smell this all over the downstairs of the house.  I had been coming and going from home, doing some shopping and running around, and each time I came back into the house I was greeted by this yummy scent, even after the wax had cooled. 

A definite surprise hit.  :)


  1. Deb I would buy all the frankincense and myrrh you are able to get your hands on... lol.. My WalMart has not carried any in 2 years now and it is one of my favorites!!!

    1. I haven't seen it for years now at my store either. I'm okay with that though, because I'm not a fan of that type of scent. lol