Saturday, November 3, 2012

Melted - Scentsationals / Scaramel Apple

Love this scent!  While caramel apples scents are common, they are not all the same.  It seems most of the private vendor versions I've tried are strong on the apple and you have to search for the caramel, but not this one.  Earlier this fall I had fallen in love with the Better Homes & Gardens - Candied Caramel Apple tarts.  Since Scentsationals also makes the BH&G tarts, I have wondered if these are just the same scent.  They are so similar and I am in love with this one just like I was with the other one.

Melting two cubes in my tea light warmer, I am instantly hit with a nice strong scent throw.  It does not take long at all for this baby to get working.  I love this because the rich, gooey caramel is so noticeable and so yummy.  There is a hint of saltiness to it.  And then there is the juicy sweetness of the apple perfectly blended into it.  It is a warm scent.  Oh, I just love this one!  I might have to grab a few more packs if I can find any left in the store, just to have some all through winter.  Yummers!

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