Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Melted - Scentsationals / Trick or Treat

The tagline on this one mentions licorice, and on cold throw I could detect it slightly.  Melted, however, I did not notice it at all.  I was surprised to find that this seemed to be a straight up blend of apple cider and spiced cranberry.  There was a lot of fruitiness, which at first made me think of a candy type sweetness.  And there was also some zip, some zing to this . . . somewhere between spicy and effervescent.  Eventually the apple cider notes became very obvious to me, because I don't really like apple cider scents.  But then I would think no, this is more tart, like cranberries.  That's when I decided the zippy part was from something like spiced cranberry . . . which I love.  Maybe I'm totally off, and it is nothing but candy and licorice notes in reality, but my best way of describing it would be apple cider meets spiced cranberry.

This was STRONG.  Melting two cubes in my tea light warmer, I had immediate scent throughout the room my warmer is in.  After more time, the whole downstairs of the house was scented.  At times the sort of fizzy note could be overwhelming but in general this was a fun, deep dark fruity scent.

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