Friday, November 16, 2012

'Melted' Series Opinions Needed

The individual scent reviews in my Melted series can be a pain in the butt to do when I melt so many different tarts.  I'm wondering if anyone cares about them at all . . . ?  Do you just read them because they are there?  Do you only read the ones that interest you?  Do you skip over them?

Because those posts are short and numerous, I sometimes feel like I'm spamming you guys.  Personally, I prefer 'hauls' much more than 'reviews.'  I like to know how the shipping was, the time, the cost, the packaging.  I like to see what the products look like and know if there are samples or extras included.  I like to know what scents are available and maybe a bit about them.  But beyond that, someone telling me whether they liked a scent or not doesn't matter.  I'm even finding that someone telling me the throw was strong or weak is not always accurate because their tastes or room sizes or situations might be way different than mine.  I don't know how many people I've heard swear by the strong scent throw from some vendors, and then when I try them I can't smell anything unless my face is in the warmer.

So, I'm just curious if anyone is really finding the Melted, individual reviews worth it.  I don't want to do weekly or monthly roundups because I won't remember the finer details of the scents.  I'm considering just doing a bit more detailed scent descriptions in the haul posts like I used to do.

Just wondering what you think about it all.


  1. I like to read your melted reviews!

  2. I really like your reviews !! Actually I like them better than hauls and such, and because you're so good at describing scents it's really easy for me to know if I'll like one or not !