Thursday, November 29, 2012

Melted - Tiffany Candles / Winter Fall

Winter Fall - 'Vanilla with hints of peppermint (A Tiffany Candles Blend).'

I haven't had much luck with Tiffany Candles tarts in the scent or throw department.  It's been a bummer that most of the Tiffany's that I have is Christmas scents, and knowing how the few non-holiday scents I've tried have been duds has not made me excited to get to these.  So imagine my surprise with this one!!
I melted one whole tart (about 1 oz. I think) in my tea light warmer, not expecting much, but wow!  I was treated to almost immediate scent, and once it warmed a bit more I had excellent throw throughout the downstairs of my house and even creeping up into the upstairs hallway.  The scent lasted the four hours of a tea light burn but did seem to be taking on slight hint of something unpleasant at the end, like something over-cooked or scorched.  It was very slight though.  I didn't really care . . . I was just so surprised to have had a successful tart!  lol

Ok, now as for the scent itself, I think there may have been a mix up in labeling.  The description for this says vanilla and peppermint.  There seems to be something more.  The reason I think there is a mix up is because I also ordered Christmas Cookies back when I ordered this Winter Fall, and I think the extra notes I seem to smell in this are actually cookie notes.  I think my Winter Fall and my Christmas Cookies are switched.  That's fine, because I still have both, but it's a bit chucklesome.  Even a coworker that I shared these with thought this was the cookie scent.

SO . . . what I get from the tart *I* have is sweet, light vanilla-mint blend with a sort of buttery bakery note.  Maybe it just is whatever vanilla was used to make the blend, but it's a full, rich note.  The mint is sweet and light.  A really yummy scent, whichever it is.


  1. Man, that sounds good! I don't have either of those scents!

    1. It was yummernummers!

      I've heard the new wax blend from Tiffany's is indeed giving a strong scent and throw. Not sure if I'll ever order again, but nice to know they might be more reliable now.