Sunday, November 11, 2012

Primitive Kountry - Tarts Mini Haul

I first heard of Primitive Kountry only last week, from a video by Scentmyway.  I think what caught my interest in this vendor is that I have not seen everyone and their cousin swarming and reviewing it already.  I decided to place just a small order for a couple Christmas scents, just to see what this place was like.

Christmas Tree - 'Crisp, clean and pine - just like a freshly cut tree!'
You have to have a pine scent at Christmas.  So when I saw a plain ol' Christmas tree scent in the list I figured this would be a good enough choice.  This is so nice and festive.  It's like you're walking through a tree lot, or like when you first bring that tree into the house . . . that first sort of 'aahhhh, now it's Christmas' moment.  

Candy Cane - 'A wonderful combination of fresh peppermint leaves and
sweet ripened strawberries, on a dry down of vanilla.'
And what else is a Christmas staple?  Candy Cane, of course.  I didn't even read the description when I ordered, but now I see it mentions strawberries.  Hmmm.  I really don't get that at all.  I just smell a delicious, traditional peppermint with just the faintest smidge of vanilla to sort of soften and sweeten it.  So soooo good.
I was surprised by how big these tarts are.  I mean, yeah I had read on the website that they are 2 oz. but to actually see the shape was kinda like 'Wow!'  The green one is 2.2 oz. and the white one is 2.1 oz.  They cost $1.50 each.  One of the things I like about this shop is that they DO offer single tarts.  As I've said before, when I'm trying a vendor or a scent for the first time I like not having to commit to a large multi-pack.  The scents seem quite strong on cold throw.  As always, I will do a more detailed review of individual scents in my Melted series.

The scent list is not huge at Primitive Kountry but in a way, I like that.  Some of the shops that have seemingly billions of scents can be rather overwhelming when trying to decide what to order.  This place has a nice selection, but it's easy to know what you've had and what you'd still like to try.  And it will be easy to keep tabs on new scents if they pop up for the holidays.
Shipping was fast.  I ordered on a Thursday (Nov. 1) and received my package the following Wednesday (Nov. 7).  Each tart was nicely packaged in a cello bag that was sealed with the label.  The order was sent in a regular yellow padded envelope.  I did notice that I was charged $5.00 for shipping and actual postage was only $2.46.  A lot of smaller vendors will give partial refunds on shipping over-charges.  This one did not.
I found out they offer a flat rate $5.00 shipping fee.  Order as much or as little as you want, and you'll only ever pay $5.00 shipping.  That is good to know!

Pink Sugar Cookie - 'A sweet delicious sugar cookie scented with vanilla sweetness.
I also received this cute freebie tart that says Thank You on it.  I'm assuming the Pink in this is the ever popular Pink Sugar dupe.  I like that scent but haven't really gotten into the whole Pink-blends craze ... yet.  I might have to start exploring it because I quite like this one.  I do get hints of cookie along with the sort of candy sweetness of the Pink.  This is a .9 oz. thin bar tart and it did break in transit but that's fine because it all gets melted down anyway.  

Overall, I'm liking this vendor so far.  That shipping overage is my only irk at the moment, but I keep trying to remind myself that a lot of shops have a high flat-rate charge, and if my order would have been bigger it would have been more worth it.  I will keep that in mind if I order again.  For now though, I'm looking forward to December, when I will melt these Christmas scents.

Have YOU ordered from Primitive Kountry?


  1. Going to check out the site right now. The strawberries in the Candy Cane though - very interesting!

  2. I don't smell them at all. They must just be lending a sweet note to the overall scent.