Monday, November 12, 2012

Scent Appeal Candles - Tart Haul

Scent Appeal Candles is another shop I've only just recently heard about.  At first I was bummed because this vendor offers 3-packs (as most do) but not single tarts.  Then I saw a six tart bundle option, and you pick your own scents, so I decided to go ahead a place a small order.

Cinnamon & Spruce - 'A classic blend of pines and spice opening with notes
of stately Northern pine, Douglas fir, and Blue Spruce complemented 
with notes of spicy cinnamon & clove, rosemary and woody cedar.'

What could be a more traditional Christmas scent combo?  It's a little more 'woody' than I was hoping, but it's still a nice holiday scent.

Christmas Cheer - 'Fir notes balanced by nuances of orange peel, garlands of cranberry, dried lemon slices, golden spun sugar, and a touch of vanilla.'

This reminds me of walking into a craft store, like smelling all the candles and potpourri blending together.  There is a bit sweetness, a bit of spice, a bit of zest . . . just a really nice, charming scent.

Christmas Tree Garland - 'Bayberry, chestnuts and blood orange with spicy notes of cinnamon stick, nutmeg and clove finishing with just a whispering base undertone of fir.'

Spicy and slightly warm from the nuts and nutmeg, I don't get the hint of orange I'd hoped for and I don't get much fir.  Another nice, craft store type scent but without the 'pretty' notes.

Nutcracker - 'A blend of Vanilla, Hazelnut, Maple Syrup, Banana, Coconut, Lime, Orange, Grapefruit, Bergamot, Clove.'

This one is darn yummy.  I would say it's mostly vanilla and hazelnut.  I might be getting traces of either the banana or coconut but I would never guess all the rest of the things in the description are in here.  It's a rich, warm scent, slightly sweet but not really bakery.

 Pumpkin Spiced Latte - [no description available]

Since I'm almost through all of my fall scents already I decided to get one more pumpkin scent.  And this is a good one.  I think it's strongest on the latte notes, light on the spices, and just hints of a sort of creamy pumpkin.  Yum!

Goldilocks - 'Rolled oats swirled with caramel, spiced subtly with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon, sugared with raw syrup, while sitting on a faint woodsy patchouli base.'

I had no idea what to expect with this one but I had wanted to get something I could melt now and not have to wait for Christmastime.  This one sounded so yummy, but the patchouli base was intriguing.  I'm not a big patchouli fan unless it's blended deeply among other things.  I definitely get that 'woodsy patchouli base' right off the bat in this but with everything else, I quite like it.  There is something almost perfume-y about this scent, a sweet and slightly spicy but sophisticated blend.  Interesting!

 Chocolate Pistachio Cookie - [no description available]

I received this freebie tart.  Yay!  I love and always appreciate freebies but I'm not wild about this particular scent.  I'm not big on chocolate scents in tarts anyway but this one has weirdness that I'm guessing comes from the pistachio.  A cookie note does lurk in there, but . . . nah, this one will be passed along in a swap box or something.

Each of the tarts I received are 1 oz and came individually packaged in sticky-sealed plastic baggies with a nice label on.  I would like to mention the that sticky strip on these bags is SUPER sticky.  I struggled to open one and some of the goo got onto my fingers like tree sap.  After that I simply cut each package open just before that sticky strip.

There are several options in the Scent Appeal shop on Etsy.  You can get 3-packs of scalloped tarts for $1.75 each, or you can get the 6-pack bundle for $3.25 or a 12-pack bundle for $6.00.  You pick your own scents in the 6- and 12-packs.  Scents shots are 2 oz. and cost $1.50 each.  Clamshell style packages are $3.00 and can be bought singly or in bundle packs.  There are a few sampler packs available too.   The shop also has candles, smelly jellies, and room sprays.

Shipping was fast.  I ordered on Sunday morning (Nov.4) and received my package on Thursday (Nov. 8).  Everything was sent in a regular yellow padded envelope.  Actual shipping cost was less than a dollar different than what I was charged, so that was cool.  I also received a coupon code for 10% off my next order. 

Scents on cold throw are quite strong.  Each tart has a light sprinkling of glitter.  Everything is neat and clean and nicely presented.  Owner Lisa even included a handwritten thank you note.  There is a nice variety of scents to choose from.  Overall, I am impressed with this vendor so far and if the scent throw is decent, I can see myself ordering from this shop again.

Are YOU familiar with Scent Appeal Candles?

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