Friday, November 30, 2012

Scent Appeal Candles - Tarts / Small Haul

Over the long Thanksgiving weekend I found myself on the hunt for what seem to be two of the most popular scents in tarts at the moment . . . Pink Peppermint, and Peppermint Marshmallow.  All of the vendors I checked either didn't carry them or were currently out of stock.  I went back to Etsy and started searching.  When I saw that Scent Appeal Candles had one of the scents but it was sold out at the moment, I messaged shop owner Lisa to ask if she would be listing more, and also asked about the other scent.  She responded promptly and through the conversation and my many questions, she agreed to not only make both scents for me, but to also try a new blend I'd asked about.  How awesome is that??

Thank you, Lisa!

Baby, It's Cold Outside - 'Pink sugar blended with crisp clean peppermint and vanilla bean.'

Scent Appeal's version of Pink Peppermint is called Baby, It's Cold Outside.  Since I've never actually smelled Pink Peppermint from anyone else, I don't know how this compares.  On cold sniff, I'm mainly getting the Pink Sugar scent.  I'm only getting the tiniest hint of peppermint at the moment.  I hope more of the mint comes out when I melt this.  (If you're not familiar with Pink Sugar, it is a perfume dupe, a fun blend of things like cotton candy, vanilla, caramel, musk, and other things.)

Peppermint Marshmallow - 'Marshmallow blended with peppermint and a touch of creamy vanilla.'

I haven't smelled this popular scent from anyone else either, but just had to have it to see what all the fuss is about.  I do love vanilla-mint scents, so I figured this couldn't be bad.  I was also wondering if the marshmallow would really lend anything to the overall mix because marshmallow is notorious for being a light scent.  This is quite yummy though, and the marshmallow does indeed make itself known!  Again, the mint is rather soft in this one.  This is sort of a warm, sweet blend . . . not crisp and fresh as some vanilla-mint blends can be.

Lemon Noel - [no description]

The new scent she agreed to make for me is something I had seen on a blog, in a picture of someone's haul from another vendor.  It was Lemon Noel.  Any Noel blend typically means it is Vanilla Bean Noel (Bath & Body Works dupe) mixed with whatever.  So I was immediately intrigued.  And I was thrilled that she agreed to try this blend for me.

Again, I have not smelled Lemon Noel from any other vendor so I have no clue how Lisa's attempt would compare but I will say this . . . wow.  This is friggen YUMMY!  She must have thought so too because I saw on her Facebook page that she's going to be adding it to her regular line.  Woot!  There is a definite lemon note right off the bat.  It's a sweet lemon, not tart.  The vanilla notes warm it up, turning it into something almost dessert-like.  I wonder if this is anything like the Lemon Vanilla that Bath & Body Works discontinued?

 I ordered the six tart bundle for $3.25, and got two each of the three scents mentioned above.  Each is a 1 oz. tart.

Winter Breeze - 'A cool, watery scent with a hint of peppermint.'

I also received a freebie tart with my order.  I'm not sure just what makes up the 'cool, watery' part of this but it is sort of a spa type scent.  There might be some light musk in here.  It does make you think 'wet,' like greenery after light rain.  The mint is very light.  You probably wouldn't detect it if you didn't know it was there.  I guess, yeah, if I close my eyes and sniff this it does sort of make me think of wintery breeze, maybe like on those really sunny winter days when some of the snow is melting but it's still cold and beautiful.  I'm weird, I know.

This is my second order from Scent Appeal Candles, which can be found on Etsy.  There are a variety of wax options in this shop . . . clamshell tarts, scallop tarts, scent shots, jar candles . . . as well as room sprays and smelly jelly jars.  There are different bundle options which can save you money.  And there are tons of scents to choose from.

Customer service and shipping are great.  I must have driven Lisa nuts with all my questions but she promptly responded to each one, and still agreed to do a custom order which she usually doesn't do and which was not my intention at the start of it all.  I ordered on Sunday afternoon (Nov. 25) and even being a custom order with something she'd never even made before, I still received my order on Friday (Nov. 30).  And that on top of whatever Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales she had!  That is awesome.

If you have not tried Scent Appeal Candles yet, I suggest you check them out.  And if you have tried Scent Appeal Candles, what did you think?


  1. Too cool that she did that! And that it is awesome, and that now it's part of her line.

    You're not weird--that's what I thought of too when I read "cool, watery." :D

    As always, I like your new background.

    1. I just could not find a Christmas background that I liked this time. I tried the one I had last year, thought it was too blah. Tried one that looked really cool on its own but when put behind the blog it all looked to busy. I kinda do like this one now that I see it several times a day.