Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Sugar Sugar Scrub - Body Butter

With Thanksgiving just days away and with my Frosted Pumpkin scented body frosting (lotion) about to run out, I realized I needed to order something Christmas-y.  My usual go-to shop is temporarily closed while the owner is in the middle of moving, so I had to go on a hunt for a suitable stand in.  I've been so out of my handcrafted soap/body product phase for so long now that I couldn't even think of some old favorite shops to try?!  Oh well, Etsy saves the day again...

After looking at several body 'frosting' type lotions from several vendors, I settled on the Sugar Sugar Scrub shop. 

Mrs. Claus Candy - 'Smells like Peppermint Candy mixed with sweet vanilla buttercream!

This smells so good!  It's minty first, but it's soft and sweet with those buttercream notes. There is also something faintly like bubblegum that I wish wasn't there, but it's not horrible.  I'd been hoping for more of a plain ol' vanilla mint.  The scent is not at all overpowering, which I like.  I can smell it when I apply the lotion, and it lingers lightly for a while afterwards, but it is not at all something that people around you are going to be frowning up as you walk by.

The lotion itself is thick and creamy, but also light and fluffy in a whipped frosting type way.  I love this type of body lotion!  It spreads easily, absorbs quickly.  And it's interesting because just when you're at the point where it seems it's massaged in, it seems to melt and become even more spreadable.You're left with super soft skin.  There is a very minimal greasy after-feel but I haven't found it to actually *be* greasy.  I haven't used it consistently enough to see how long it lasts, whether it's heavy duty or not.  (I'm waiting till after Thanksgiving to switch over to this one, hehe!)  From the couple of test applications though, I quite like it so far!

This 4 oz. jar cost $7.50.

There are several items in this shop that catch my eye.  Besides the fluffy lotions, there are sugar scrubs, foaming sugar scrubs, whipped soaps, and fragrance mists.  And the really fun thing is that the shop owner seems to have similar interests to mine because I see Twilight inspired scents, Harry Potter, and even Hunger Games scents.  One personal quibble downfall for me is that I see icky urea in the ingredients of some products.  Bleah.  I'm trying to get over that, trying to remind myself I unknowingly used it years before ever becoming aware of handcrafted products, but still . . . it's like once you know something, it's hard to shake it.

Shipping was quite fast.  I ordered on Monday afternoon (Nov. 12) and received my package on Saturday (Nov. 17).  It was well packaged in a regular yellow padded envelope.  Shipping was $2.95, very fair.  There were no samples, but there was a handwritten thank you note on my invoice, and a coupon code good until the end of the month.  I also see she is having a Black Friday special on her 4-pack samplers, and a Cyber Monday special of 15% off.  I'm seriously considering hitting that Monday sale!  She also says in her note that there are always specials and deals on her Facebook page.

I'm quite happy so far with my first purchase from Sugar Sugar Scrubs.  Are YOU familiar with this Etsy shop?


  1. Is Valhalla your usual go-to shop?

    I'm thinking about trying Mirasol Farm's lotion, their "Black Friday" sale is 15% off lotions & creams this weekend.

    1. Petals Bath Boutique has become my main shop. She was in the process of moving and said she would reopen the shop just before or just after Thanksgiving. I didn't want to wait too long though, wanted something Christmas-y to switch to, so I went looking elsewhere.


    2. Did you ever try making body butter? Seems like it would be fun. I ended up getting a jar of Mirasol Farm's calendula cream and am happy with it. The lotion is a little on the light side but good for summer or hands at work when you want something that is absorbed quickly.

    3. Nah, I never tried. I *wanted* too, and even got some basic formulas and lots of tips from a couple helpful soap makers, but I never did try.

      I still love the consistency and scent of this one, but I'm finding it doesn't seem to have a heavy coverage or staying power, or something. I don't feel like I need to keep reapplying it but at the same time I've noticed my elbows are slipping back to feeling rough and I have tons of little chapped, cracked, rough bits on my fingertips all around my nails. *sigh*


    4. Hope the Winter Divinity pumpkin butter works out for you, I like that formula.

    5. Switched to it this morning, so we'll see ...