Saturday, November 3, 2012

Walmart / Better Homes & Gardens Christmas Tarts

I had been soooo looking forward to seeing what scents would be in the Walmart/Better Homes & Gardens Christmas tarts line.  I knew as soon as we got past Halloween they would be popping up in the store very soon.  At first I'd wanted to remain clueless until I actually saw them for myself but several days ago I saw a video on YouTube, someone who had just bought one of each of the whole dang line.  I went ahead and watched the video, and was quite disappointed.  A lot of the scents are the same ones returning from last year . . . same names, same pictures on the labels.  At least one had a slightly different name but the same picture.  And of the new ones, I couldn't help but wonder if those were just recycled too.  Still, I held out hope that actually smelling them when they show up at my store would offer some surprises and goodies.

Well, I was at Walmart yesterday and the Christmas line is there now.  But it was still a bummer.  I'll do a quick list, a combination of what I saw in my store and what the girl in the video got from her store . . . 
  • Baked Cinnamon Roll (Really?  This is Christmas-y?)
  • Classic Frosted Gingerbread (returning)
  • Frankincense & Myrrh (returning)
  • Fresh Frasier Fir (returning)
  • Frosty Peppermint Snow (returning)
  • Glittering Bayberry Garland
  • Holiday Spice Rack
  • Iced Winter Cranberry (returning)
  • Jolly Winter Snowman
  • Orange Clove Pomander (returning)
  • Snowy Winter Woods (was Snowy Evergreen Forest last year, same pic)
  • Sparkling Berry Garland (returning)
  • Spiced Apple Wreath (returning)
  • Spiced Cranberry Cider
  • Spiced Rum Cake
  • Sugar Sweet Gumdrop
  • Tropical Beach Holiday
  • Under The Mistletoe
  • Vanilla Buttercream Cupcake (Another 'Really?' one.)
  • Warm Holiday Welcome
  • Winter Rose Petals
  • Creamy Spiced Eggnog (returning)
  • Sparkling Cranberry Zest
  • Chocolate Peppermint Truffle (returning)
  • Vanilla Sugar Cookie (returning)
And there were some other general foodie type ones that don't strike me as Christmas-y and that I've seen at other times of the year, so I didn't include them.  Of the new ones, nothing really grabbed me.  I was disappointed that they all seem to be so fruity and generic.  There is nothing really good and spicy or pine-y, none of the blends say "Christmas!" to me.  I only bought three and all of those are rather common scents that are returning from last year.

 Fresh Frasier Fir - Had to have a Christmas tree scent.  That's just a given.  And this is a nice, classic type.  When I think of the spray cans of pine scent for when you have an artificial tree, this is what comes to mind.  That might be cheesy and fake to some people, but for me it screams "Christmas!"

Frosty Peppermint Snow - And ya gotta have a candy cane scent.  I've heard others say this is just a straight up peppermint, but I think there is a bit of vanilla in here.  It is classic Christmas mint, for sure, but there is a sweetness too.  Love this one.

Chocolate Peppermint Truffle - I do love this scent but I think I mainly got it just because I was so bummed about not wanting to get any of the others.  LOL!  This one reminds me of mint chocolate chip ice cream.  There is a nice chocolate scent, balanced with the crisp peppermint, and all wrapped up in a bit of creaminess.  Not particularly 'Christmas' to me, but nice all the same.

And I already have a Classic Frosted Gingerbread.  It must be left over from last year because it's been sitting in the back of my tart cupboard for a long time now.

There are a couple on the list that I did not see at my store.  I will keep checking every time I'm there, see if anything new has been added, see if I can find those few that others have seen.  I'm curious to see if Scentsationals will release a Christmas set like they did with the Halloween ones.  And I'll give these another sniff as we get closer to December, to see if my opinions change at all.

OH - I should also mention that these were NOT at the front of the store by the seasonal stuff yet.  They were still clearing out the Halloween things.  So for now, these were over by the regular candle aisle, in an end-cap display.  And I forgot to mention the warmers too!  There were four new electric (light bulb style) warmers . . . a really cute Santa head, an all white snowman, a cream colored one with a sort of old fashioned forest scene (deer, tree, birds, etc), and red/maroon one with with deer and snowflakes that reminded me of a pattern on a snuggly winter microfleece blanket.  They were all cute but it was the red one with white deer that I would get if I had electric warmers.

So while it was a huge disappoint to me to see this year's BH&G lineup, it's also gotten me excited to be able to revisit some private vendors and indulge in some Christmas scent shopping that way.  Yay!!

What are some of YOUR favorite Christmas/winter scents?  See anything on that list you think you'll be buying?  If this list didn't thrill you either, what are some of your favorite private vendor scents?  Cuz I'm making my list and checking it twice . . . heeee!


  1. Lol, enjoy your vendor shopping!

  2. I think I need to stop. I just sorted through my whole stash today and, as feared, I have plenty of Christmas scents now.



  3. Nice summary of new winter scents, my favorite is Spiced Rum Cake and Jolly Winter Snowman.

    1. My son really liked Jolly Winter Snowman in the store. I didn't buy it though because I had so many Christmas scents from private vendors by that point.


  4. I just bought Jolly Winter Snowman and am in love. My all time favorite is Yankee Jack Frost. I got this thinking it would be like it. It is a lot like Jack but has a hint of citrus. I couldn't believe how quick the aroma filled my house, much better and longer then others. I bought 3 packs on clearance, I hope they have more.

    1. I thought about grabbing it as I was looking at the clearance ones but in the end I didn't. I'm still thinking about grabbing some clearance Chocolate Peppermint Truffle though!