Friday, November 2, 2012

Walmart Holiday Smelly Stuff Haul

I know it's early but I was determined not to wait too long and find these all picked over.  Did my weekly shopping at Walmart this morning, and remembered to take my candle coupon this time, so I bought two and got one free.  Woot!  Also found the Christmas/winter tarts are out now, but I'll do a separate post on those.

Nutcracker Crunch - Dreams of chestnuts, walnuts and more fill the home with joy as if the whole family was there thanks to the wonderful winter crafted fragrance of Nutcracker Crunch. 

In my recent Glade holiday scents preview post ( HERE ) I said this was the one of the six scents that I was sure I was going to get.  And I grabbed this without hesitation today.  The label says 'walnut & mocha,' and while I do get the nuttiness I think it's the mocha that is making this so yummy.  There is a sort of chocolatey creaminess, with just the slightest actual coffee note.  This will be the first one we burn, probably even before Thanksgiving.

Peppermint Mocha - Start every day with the warm scents of coffee blended with spices and chocolate. There’s no better way to wake up on a winter morning. 

This was the other one I was sure I was getting.  I was a little concerned because the menfolk of the house don't like mint scents.  On the other hand, I was like 'Screw it, *I* like it.'  I'll just burn it by my desk if I have to.  It shouldn't be a problem though because the mint is not very strong, at least not on cold throw.  The mocha part of this isn't nearly as prominent as in the Nutcracker candle.  It's like the mocha tones down the mint, and the mint tones down the mocha.  Still yummy, but a much lighter scent than the Nutcracker one.

Shimmering Spruce - One of the best places to enjoy winter is among the evergreens atop a snow-kissed mountain. Capture the scents of the spruce with the freshness of the open air at home with Shimmering Spruce™.
My coupon was buy two, get one free, so I had to decide on a third candle.  I didn't want Apple Cinnamon because that seems more fall to me, and they did not have the Sparkling Clementine at my Walmart.  That left Frosted Cookies and Shimmering Spruce.  I really liked the cookie one but it was a lighter, more subtle type scent.  So I chose the spruce one because ya gotta have a Christmas tree scent for the holidays!  The label says 'balsam fir & juniper,' and it's just a very nice tree-type scent.  I'm not sure what juniper smells like, but there is something in this that at times seems almost sweet and at times makes me think there is a touch of musk.  The more I smell it, the less I think of Christmas trees.  Doh!  Ok, I'll just put that one away now and revisit it after Thanksgiving.  LOL
 I also got a can of air spray in the Shimmering Spruce scent.  We keep a can of spray in the bathroom.
 I also bought this small bottle of Softsoap hand soap in Heavenly Peppermint Cupcake scent.  This is from the Holiday Collection.  I only saw two other scents, one being some apple cider type and the other was something about vanilla sugar cookies.  Again, apple cider seems more of a fall scent to me so that wasn't even considered.  The cookie one was nice but just a bit too generic.  The peppermint and the label made this the most Christmas/wintery so this is the one I chose.  The mint is quite strong in this one, very sweet, and the hints of cupcake are lurking underneath.  Yummy!
And then of course the Better Homes & Gardens tarts that, as mentioned, I will do a separate post about.
So, do you go holiday crazy around your house?  Since it's doubtful Minion will let us have a tree this year either, I have to get my holiday joy wherever I can.  LOL! 


  1. I looooove peppermint scents, great haul! I don't go too crazy with the Christmas decorations since I live in an apartment but I do decorate at work.

  2. I used to go crazy on decorating but getting naughty kitten Minion last year put a stop to that. Not sure how much he'll let me decorate this year. *sigh*

    I love mint scents (and foods!) but I have to limit them because the menfolk of the house do not like mint. *SIGH*


  3. You should reconsider the warm apple cider Softsoap, it smells wonderful!

    1. I'm just not really a fan of cider scents. I do love this peppermint cupcake one I got though. Nice!! :)